New Products

  • Arcadia™ FT

    The Arcadia™ Functional Trainer, REP's first in-house-designed functional trainer, features unique trolleys seen on our popular Ares and Athena attachments, 10lb increment weight stacks, and knurled handles, all in a compact design.

  • QuickDraw™ Adj. DB

    We set out to design the absolute best adjustable dumbbells on the market -- durable, affordable, quick to change, and easy to use. Get ready to level up.

  • Ares™ Cable Attachment

    The Ares™ Cable Attachment is a fully integrated, functional trainer and lat pull down / low row attachment that fixes to your existing power rack.

  • Athena™ Side-Mount FT

    The Athena™ Side-Mount Functional Trainer allows for most of the functionality of a functional trainer machine, without the bulk of a freestanding machine or an Ares™. Available in selectorized and plate-loaded versions.

  • Wall-Mounted Athena™

    The Wall-Mounted Athena™ Side-Mount Functional Trainer is a low-profile cable attachment that is integrated into a 5000 series wall-mount fixed rack. Achieve a full-body workout using the multifunctional capabilities of a functional trainer machine and power rack without requiring the space for separate stand-alone units

  • Selectorized Lat/Low Row

    Selectorized pulley system for your PR-4000 or PR-5000. Offers both lat pull down and low row exercises with quick and easy weight changes.

  • FT-5000 2.0

    The best just got better! The improved FT-5000 2.0 has more cable positions, a greater range of motion, more weight, and tons more high-end upgrades. 

  • FT-3000 2.0

    The best just got better! The improved FT-3000 2.0 has more cable positions, a greater range of motion, and tons more high-end upgrades. 

  • BlackWing™

    We combined the best features from our top benches to create the ultimate, high-quality, adjustable, flat-incline-decline bench.

  • AB-5200 2.0

    Our toughest bench is now even more customizable, including the option to make it decline and mix different colors on the same bench.

  • AB-3000 2.0

    The AB-3000 adjustable bench has a new, upgraded look and feel in the AB-3000 2.0. This bench is a high-quality option for lifters looking for a rock-solid, flat-incline-decline bench.

  • AB-4100

    The AB-4100 marries form and function with an expanded range of incline and seat positions, upgraded handle design, and black zinc hardware.

  • New Premium Barbells

    Check out our new, in-house-designed, premium barbells: the Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond Power Bars, Colorado Bar, Alpine Weightlifting Bar, Helios Squat Bar, and Hades Deadlift Bar.

  • More Barbells

    Introducing more new, in-house-designed barbells: the Badlands Bar, Black Canyon Bar - 20kg, Teton Training Bar - 20kg, Delta Basic Bar, and Mesa Technique Bar.

  • Open trap bar

    The Open Trap Bar is a multifunctional strength tool used for deadlifts, lunges, and presses with a built-in deadlift jack for easy loading and unloading.

  • Open Trap Bar Handles

    The new Open Trap Bar Handles come in Narrow, Standard, and Wide width options, and also a premium Rotating pair option with three different handle diameters. Quick and easy to switch out, add variety to your workouts!

  • Cambered Swiss Bar

    The REP Cambered Swiss bar is the perfect addition to any gym. This multi-grip barbell is an incredibly versatile tool for strength training.

  • Safety Squat Bar

    The Safety Squat Bar is a top-of-the-line, specialty barbell that provides comfort and training variety. It is extremely versatile and functional.

  • Premium Leather Lifting Belt

    The REP Premium Leather Lifting Belt is handmade right here in the US from the highest quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from American cattle. Available in brown and black.

  • REP Leather Utility Loop

    The REP Leather Utility Loop is handmade right here in the US from the highest quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from American cattle. Available in brown and black with a 600lbs weight capacity.

  • REP Accessory Strap

    The REP Accessory Strap is handmade right here in the US from the highest quality, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather from American cattle. Available in both black and brown.

  • Short Loop Bands

    Add Short Loop Bands to your gym to help you warm-up, strengthen muscles, improve mobility and recovery, and perform rehab work.

  • Utility Seat

    A surprisingly versatile rack attachment that can add a ton of options to your home gym – without draining your wallet or taking up a lot of space.

  • Band Pegs 2.0

    These chrome-plated, solid-steel pegs can be used for added resistance during your lifts or to store bands, chains, accessories, and attachments.

  • Drop-In Dip Attachment

    The Drop-In Dip Attachment is as easy to mount to your uprights as J-cups. Its innovative mounting style makes this new dip attachment incredibly stable, with no wiggle. Plus, it works great with the REP Belt Squat Attachment.

  • 1000 Series Safeties

    Add high-end safeties to your 1000 Series rack. In addition to standard Pin-Pipe Safeties, you can now upgrade to versatile Flip-Down Safeties or gentle and quiet Strap Safeties.

  • D-handle

    Check out the two new additions to our D-handle listing: Urethane and Steel. Use them for D-grip lat pulldowns, as well as cable flies, single-arm rows, and more.

  • Oxylus™ Yoke

    The Oxylus™ Yoke is a multifunctional strongman apparatus built for heavy loaded carries and can double as a modular squat stand.

  • Apollo™ Half Rack

    The Apollo™ Half Rack is the perfect next-level addition to your home gym. The Apollo™ rack is designed to take up a minimal footprint without losing functionality.

  • Rig

    The REP rig is a heavy-duty, highly versatile rig built to last, with commercial-grade standards -- optimal for functional fitness training and gyms. Customize your rig with a variety of pull-up bars, connectors, and color options. Your rig. Your way.

  • Pinnacle™ Plates

    The REP Pinnacle™ Plates are crumb rubber bumper plates, featuring a unique, embossed, Colorado-inspired mountain design. Plates all come in black with aesthetic, color-coded fleck and design so you can easily determine the weight.

  • Animal Plates

    Turn your home gym into a force of nature with REP’s Animal Print Plates (patent-pending design). Zebra, snake, giraffe, tiger, and leopard print.

  • Color Bumper Plates (KG)

    Color Bumper Plates are now available in kilograms. These durable bumpers are easy to identify based on color – per International Weightlifting Federation standards.

  • Black Bumper Plates (KG)

    To better meet the needs of non-US and competitive lifters, our popular, durable Black Bumper Plates now come in kilograms. These plates are factory-tested to withstand more than 12,000 drops from eight feet.

  • Technique Plates (KG)

    REP’s Technique Plates are now offered in kilograms (2.5kg). These plates allow lifters to start their lifts at proper height, but with just 2.5kg per side, so they can practice proper form before adding more weight.

  • Performance Apparel

    Experience the perfect blend of functionality and versatility that makes this apparel line your go-to daily wear, both in and out of the gym.

  • REP Basics

    REP Basics apparel is here. These items not only look great, but they're built for performance and comfort – both in and out of the gym.