New Products

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    Big things to come! Keep checking back.

  • Ares Cable Attachment

    The Ares Cable Attachment is a fully integrated, functional trainer and lat pull down / low row attachment that fixes to your existing power rack.

  • Athena Side-Mount FT

    The Athena Side-Mount Functional Trainer allows for most of the functionality of a functional trainer machine, without the bulk of a freestanding machine or an Ares. Available in selectorized and plate-loaded versions.

  • Selectorized Lat/Low Row

    Selectorized pulley system for your PR-4000 or PR-5000. Offers both lat pull down and low row exercises with quick and easy weight changes.

  • FT-5000 2.0

    The best just got better! The improved FT-5000 2.0 has more cable positions, a greater range of motion, more weight, and tons more high-end upgrades. 

  • FT-3000 2.0

    The best just got better! The improved FT-3000 2.0 has more cable positions, a greater range of motion, and tons more high-end upgrades. 

  • BlackWing

    We combined the best features from our top benches to create the ultimate, high-quality, adjustable, flat-incline-decline bench.

  • AB-5200 2.0

    Our toughest bench is now even more customizable, including the option to make it decline and mix different colors on the same bench.

  • AB-3000 2.0

    The AB-3000 adjustable bench has a new, upgraded look and feel in the AB-3000 2.0. This bench is a high-quality option for lifters looking for a rock-solid, flat-incline-decline bench.

  • AB-4100

    The AB-4100 marries form and function with an expanded range of incline and seat positions, upgraded handle design, and black zinc hardware.

  • Open trap bar

    The Open Trap Bar is a multifunctional strength tool used for deadlifts, lunges, and presses with a built-in deadlift jack for easy loading and unloading.

  • Open Trap Bar Handles

    The new Open Trap Bar Handles come in Narrow, Standard, and Wide width options, and also a premium Rotating pair option with three different handle diameters. Quick and easy to switch out, add variety to your workouts!

  • Cambered Swiss Bar

    The REP Cambered Swiss bar is the perfect addition to any gym. This multi-grip barbell is an incredibly versatile tool for strength training.

  • Safety Squat Bar

    The Safety Squat Bar is a top-of-the-line, specialty barbell that provides comfort and training variety. It is extremely versatile and functional.

  • Utility Seat

    A surprisingly versatile rack attachment that can add a ton of options to your home gym – without draining your wallet or taking up a lot of space.

  • Band Pegs 2.0

    These chrome-plated, solid-steel pegs can be used for added resistance during your lifts or to store bands, chains, accessories, and attachments.

  • Drop-In Dip Attachment

    The Drop-In Dip Attachment is as easy to mount to your uprights as J-cups. Its innovative mounting style makes this new dip attachment incredibly stable, with no wiggle. Plus, it works great with the REP Belt Squat Attachment.

  • 1000 Series Safeties

    Add high-end safeties to your 1000 Series rack. In addition to standard Pin-Pipe Safeties, you can now upgrade to versatile Flip-Down Safeties or gentle and quiet Strap Safeties.

  • Oxylus Yoke

    The Oxylus Yoke is a multifunctional strongman apparatus built for heavy loaded carries and can double as a modular squat stand.

  • Apollo Half Rack

    The Apollo Half Rack is the perfect next-level addition to your home gym. The Apollo is designed to take up a minimal footprint without losing functionality.

  • Pinnacle Plates

    The REP Pinnacle Plates are crumb rubber bumper plates, featuring a unique, embossed, Colorado-inspired mountain design. Plates all come in black with aesthetic, color-coded fleck and design so you can easily determine the weight.

  • Animal Plates

    Turn your home gym into a force of nature with REP’s Animal Print Plates (patent-pending design). Zebra, snake, giraffe, tiger, and leopard print.