PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack

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PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack

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PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack
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PR-4100 Folding Squat Rack


The PR-4100 is a folding wall-mount power rack that creates a functional workout space at home while taking up minimal space. The rack comes in two sizes: 21.5” deep (which folds in on itself to take up just 6” from the wall) and 41” (which folds left/right to take up 24” from the wall). This leaves plenty of space to park your car in the garage. The PR-4100 is compact yet incredibly sturdy, with 3x3” 11-gauge steel uprights and a capacity of 1,000lbs when properly mounted.  

The rack is easy to use, with heavy-duty pull-pins that allow you to set up or fold up the rack quickly, and protective caps on the bottom of the uprights ensure a smooth setup and protect the floors. One-inch hole spacing through the bench press and pull area allows for more pinpointed barbell height. (Spacing is 2 inches elsewhere.) The PR-4100 has room to grow, too. It’s compatible with the Landmine Attachment, other J-cups, spotter arms, and the Dip Attachment.  


  • Rack Upright Height:
  • Material
    3x3" 11-Gauge Steel
  • 21.5” Inside Length
  • 21.5” Inside Width
  • 21.5” Overall Width
  • 41” Inside Length
  • 41” Inside Width
  • 41” Overall Width
  • Rackable Capacity
    When Properly Mounted, 1,000lbs


  • Saves Space

    The 21.5” design folds in on itself to take up just 6” from the wall, and the 41” options folds left/right to take up 24” from the wall.
  • Attachments

    Compatible with add-ons, such as landmine and dip attachments and other J-cup styles. 
  • Heavy-Duty

    11-gauge steel rack is tough enough for movements like kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups.
  • Hole Spacing

    1” hole spacing through bench press and pull area allows for dialed-in liftoff height.
  • Protective Caps

    Caps on bottom of uprights ensures smoother setup and protects floors.
  • Clevis Pins

    Heavy-duty pull pins allow you to set up or put away the foldable rack quickly.


  • PR-4100 Folding Wall Mount Squat & Power Rack Assembly

    Step-By-Step Instructions


  • What is the recommended hardware to mount the PR-4100?

    You will need eight (8) M10x75 lag bolts and eight (8) M10 washers to mount the wooden stringers to the wall. Then use the eight (8) M16x80 bolts and eight (8) M16 washers to mount the brackets to the wooden stringer. To mount to a concrete wall, use the M10x90 expansion bolts provided in the hardware pack.

  • Where do you recommend purchasing a stringer?

    The rack does not come with a stringer. Your local hardware store should have a wood stringer available.  

  • What do you recommend purchasing for the stringer?

    The “stringer” is the wood mounted onto the wall/studs that you affix the rack to. Create a stringer using two wooden pieces with the following dimensions: 2x10x56”. We also suggest eight (8) lag bolts and washers, M10x1.50, L75 to securely mount the stringers on studs.  

  • Will the PR-4100 still work if my garage isn’t level?

    Yes. Although there is minimal vertical play in the hinges, we recommend mounting the rack fully assembled in the folded position to ensure it doesn’t get stuck while folding it back in. Vice versa, you may want to start assembling it in the open position. Using a couple of ¼ shims under the uprights during assembly can help.  

  • Are the ISO Arms compatible with the PR-4100?

    Technically yes, but we do not recommend using this attachment, as it could possibly lead to wall damage. The spacing of the brackets on the PR-4100 also limits the functional range of the ISO Arms.  

  • What is the standard recommended spacing for the bottom stringer to the ground?

    7-8" with the bracket being 9.5” off the ground for optimal stability.  

  • Can I do kipping pull-ups and muscle-ups on the PR-4100?

    Yes, but we recommend the 41” depth option for people performing kipping pull-ups or muscle-ups because of the body movement (out/back or in/out). The built-in pull-up bar is 1.25”. 

  • Can you add spotter arms to the PR-4100?

    Yes. If you purchase the spotter arms, it is important to make sure the rack is properly secured into your wall, as the weight on the arms could possibly cause separation from the wall if the rack is not properly mounted.