How Does REP Equipment Compare with Other Home Gym Brands?

How Does REP Equipment Compare with Other Home Gym Brands?

We strive to make REP equipment the best on the market. Period. But don't just take our word for it. 

REP’s equipment is the most popular brand in the home gym market (with cost in mind), according to the Garage Gym Experiment's 2022 survey.

Garage Gym Experiment asked lifters to pick their favorite of the four largest home gym brands (REP, Rogue, Titan, and Bells of Steel). REP came out ahead, with 41.1% of the votes – beating Rogue (36.4%), Titan (16.2%), and Bells of Steel (6.3%).  

Chart showing how home gym brands compare

Furthermore, the survey found REP benches are the most popular, best-value, home gym benches. The majority of lifters (57%) said they prefer REP benches over Rogue – and that number is up from the previous year.  

Chart showing REP benches vs. Rogue benches

Garage Gym Reviews also named four pieces of REP equipment as “The Best Home Gym Equipment of 2023.” On the list:  

The Most Innovative Squat Rack: The Ares™ attachment

Man using the Ares

Best Bench: The AB-4100 

The AB-4100 bench

Most Innovative Trap Bar: REP Open Trap Bar 

Open trap bar

Most Innovative Kettlebell: REP Adjustable Kettlebell 

Adjustable kettlebell