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ISO Arms

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ISO Arms
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ISO Arms


Add more exercise options to your power rack without taking up more floor space with the ISO Arms attachment. These plate-loaded arms replicate the moveable handle found on other gym machines. Simply attach the arms to the outside of a compatible REP rack, and adjust the handle up, down, or in another orientation for a wide range of dynamic exercises. The bearing design allows the arms to travel through a full 180-degree arc. Or lock the arms in place for static moves, like dips and pull-ups.  

The ISO Arms can be used independently for unilateral movements or together. The arms are heavy-duty, made with a four-way hole pattern so you have a completely modular arm that’s easy to slide up, down, and in different directions, or add J-cups for more versatility. The eyebolt allows lifters to easily connect a belt squat attachment. The knurled handles are adjustable, or you can take them off entirely. When you’re done using the ISO Arms, lock them upright and out of the way to save space.


  • Attachment Weight
    4000 Series 66.2lbs & 5000 Series 68.4lbs
  • Attachment Length
  • Attachment Width
    30.87" Including Weight Horn and Handle
  • Hole Size
    4000 Series 5/8" & 5000 Series 1"
  • Weight Horn Diameter
  • Weight Horn Length
  • Material
    3x3" 11-Gauge Steel



    ISO Arms are easily stored in a locked, out-of-the-way, upright position to save space.

    Seamlessly move between two-sided and one-sided movements.

    Four-way holes give athletes a completely modular arm. Slide the handle up and down, change its orientation, and add J-cups.


  • ISO Arms Overview

    The REP ISO Arms are the best rack attachment for your home gym needs. Save gym space, boost functionality, sprout a glorious mustache, and SO MUCH MORE with one of our most popular rack attachments.
  • ISO Arms Assembly

    Get your REP ISO Arms installed and start training! In this video we walk you through how to install your ISO Arms and the best movements to try with them.
  • ISO Arms Best Exercises

    Get some inspiration for your next workout using the REP ISO Arms. In this video, we demo a few of the many exercises you can do with our adjustable lever arms. The possibilities are endless, making these an awesome addition to any home gym.


  • Can ISO Arms be used on the inside of your rack?

    No. They are only for use on the outside of the rack.  

  • What is the easiest way to adjust the ISO Arms?

    Start by installing them as far down as possible. Starting at the bottom allows the weight of the arms to be supported by the ground. During use, we suggest using additional pins to lock them in place. This allows you to use the second weight horn as a second handle for ease of adjusting.  

  • Are the ISO Arms compatible with the SR-4000 and PR-4100?

    Yes, they work with the SR-4000. Technically they also work with the PR-4100, but we do not recommend using this attachment, as it could possibly lead to wall damage if the rack isn't mounted properly. The spacing of the brackets on the PR-4100 also limits the functional range of the ISO Arms.

  • Do the ISO Arms work with the PR-4000 Power Rack?

    Yes, but if you have the PR-4000 Power Rack, you will only be able to use one pin to secure each ISO Arm to the upright due to the hole spacing on the brackets. The arms are still safe and useful. 

  • Will the ISO Arms work with 80” uprights?

    Yes, but you can max out on the height of the upright. The 80” uprights provide a limited range, because the shorter rack has fewer holes and less space. 

  • Do I need to bolt my rack to the floor to safely use the ISO Arms?

    Yes, ISO Arms should only be used on racks that have been securely bolted to the floor and/or on racks where front foot extensions are in use. 

  • Will the ISO Arms fit on all 3x3” power racks?

    We cannot guarantee compatibility between REP items and non-REP items due to manufacturing and machining differences. 

  • Are the ISO Arms bad for my rack?

    No, they even have a plastic lining that protects the powder coating on your uprights. Moving this product up and down may leave behind some temporary residue from the protective lining. 

  • What exercises can you do on the ISO Arms?

    You can do all kinds of exercises: rows, deadlifts, squats, a variety of presses, belt squats, hip/glute thrusts (with leg roller attachment), monolift bench presses, banded jumps, and more. Or lock them securely in place for exercises like dips, L-sits, and pull-up variations.  

  • How much weight can the ISO Arms handle?

    The arms are heavy duty, made from 3x3” 11-gauge steel. You can fit up to seven 45lb iron plates on each arm.