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Pull-Up Bands
Pull-Up Bands - XXX-Light
Pull-Up Bands - XX-Light
Pull-Up Bands - X-Light
Pull-Up Bands - Light
Pull-Up Bands - Medium
Pull-Up Bands - Heavy
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Enhance your stretching, strength training, and mobility with REP’s elastic Pull-Up Bands. They come in seven sizes with varying widths and colors. Bands start with XXX-Light (yellow), with a 0.25” thickness and 5-15lbs resistance, and they top out at X-Heavy (orange), which is 3.25” thick and creates 70-175lbs of resistance. These bands are crafted out of layered elastic, which provides smooth and consistent tension. Layered elastic is also strong and durable. No sticking points or sudden snags. 

Order each band size individually based on how much resistance/assistance you need, or order the set that includes five different bands (XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium, and Heavy). Resistance is printed on the side of each band. The size variations are designed for different levels of fitness and purposes, such as training for a pull-up or providing an extra challenge on compound lifts. To add resistance while weight training, attach the bands to power racks with band pegs and then loop the bands around your barbell.


  • XXX-Light (yellow)
    0.25” wide, 5-15lbs resistance (light resistance for stretching and banded exercises)
  • XX-Light (red)
    0.5” wide, 5-35lbs resistance (resistance for stretching exercises and banded exercises)
  • X-Light (black)
    0.85” wide, 20-60lbs of resistance (light resistance for strength training and calisthenics)
  • Light (purple)
    1.25” wide, 30-80lbs of resistance (light pull-up assistance and strength training)
  • Medium (green)
    1.75” wide, 40-110lbs of resistance (intermediate and lightweight beginners with pull-ups)
  • Heavy (blue)
    2.5” wide, 60-150lbs of resistance (beginner pull-ups, people who weigh over 200lbs, and weightlifting for strong athletes)
  • X-Heavy (orange)
    3.25” wide, 70-175lbs of resistance (mainly for banded powerlifting exercises)
  • Set
    Includes one of each: XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium, and Heavy