Home Gym Gift Guide: For the Basement

Gift Guide for the Basement

No traffic or parking. No dirty equipment or waiting your turn. You don't even have to leave the house. Just walk down a flight of stairs (no, that probably doesn't count as cardio). Here's everything you need to turn your basement into your dream Gains Cave.

Power Rack 

80" PR-4000 (6-post) 

Functional Trainer 

Arcadia™ functional trainer 


Hex Dumbbells (5-100lb set) 

Short on space? Go with the QuickDraw™ adjustable dumbbells instead. 

Rack Attachments 

Flip-Down Safeties (4000 Series, length of your choice) 

Flat Sandwich J-cups 2.0 

Selectorized Lat Pulldown and Low Row Attachment 

Weight Storage Horn Sets  

Performance Package cable attachments (Ankle Cuff, Multi-Grip Curl Bar, 20” Straight Bar, Tricep Rope, Sports Handle)  


REP USA Accessory Strap 


AB-5200 2.0 Adjustable Bench 


20kg Colorado Bar 


USA-Made Equalizer™ iron plates (425lb set). Note: If you are worried about protecting your floors and don't want to get floor mats, go with Black Bumper Plates


Dumbbell Rack (two racks if you go with Hex Dumbbells) 

Optional: Wall-Mounted Plate Storage (if you need additional plate organization or don't want to do the rack-mounted weight horns) 

Other Things to Consider Adding

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