How to Get the Most Out of Your PR-1100

Mom lifting in a PR-1100

You don't need deep pockets to craft an impressive home gym. All it takes is making the PR-1100 power rack the star of your setup.

Introducing the PR-1100

The PR-1100 is your all-in-one, versatile power rack, designed to meet all your fitness needs. It boasts a hefty 700-pound weight capacity while maintaining a space-saving design that can get even more compact by inverting the pull-up bar.

With included features like a Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar and numbered uprights for easy barbell height adjustment, it's got you covered. Plastic-lined Standard J-cups ensure your bar stays protected, and extended safeties open up new exercise possibilities, like rack pulls.

The PR-1100 ticks all the essential boxes without breaking the bank.

Red PR-1100

Customizing the PR-1100

While it's a solid base, there's no shortage of ways to make your PR-1100 uniquely yours.

Choose Your Color

Start by selecting from four colors: black, metallic black, red, or blue.

Pro tip: Match your bench and barbell to your rack for a sleek, coordinated look. Think: a red rack, a AB-4100 adjustable bench and a 20kg Colorado Bar, all in the same color.  

Red Dumbbell Storage Rack

Complete the aesthetic with a red Battle Sleeve Rope, matching Ab Support Mat, a red Dumbbell Rack, red Sandbags, and some red and black 55lb Animal Print Bumper Plates.

Upgrade Your Safeties 

The PR-1100 comes with chrome-plated Pin-Pipe Safeties, but you can level up your safety game for a premium experience.

  • Flip-Down Safeties: These slide into the uprights like a J-cup, lock in place with a clevis pin, and flip down for added security. Not only do they save you from bad lifts, but they're perfect for pulling exercises (700lbs load capacity for the 1000 Series rack).

  • Strap Safeties 2.0: These reinforced nylon straps are secured with heavy-duty bolts. Lifters like these because they’re quieter than steel safeties virtually noiseless. They’re also gentler on your barbell and uniquely adjustable, because you can mount the front and back ends at different heights. This is nice for bailing out of a lift. For example, if you fail a squat, with offsesafeties, the bar can roll away from your back and make it easier to get out from under the load. 

Learn more about safeties and their options and the benefits of each here. 

Add Attachments

Dip attachment on a power rack

Take your PR-1100 to the next level with a range of attachments. Get creative with:

For maximum versatility, attach a Lat Pulldown and Low Row. This plate-loaded pulley system offers a 1:1 ratio and a weight horn capacity of up to 450lbs.

Discover a multitude of exercises you can perform on it and learn more here.  

Stay Organized

Weight storage on a PR-1100

Elevate your gym's organization with a 1000 Series Weight Storage attachment. This sturdy unit can hold up to 2,000lbs of weight, with eight chrome-plated steel weight horns and rubber protection on the end caps. It's available in black, and as they say, black goes with everything.

Take It Up a Notch

Feeling the need for more? There's always room for improvement. Explore additional ways to enhance your budget 1000 Series power rack.  

Elevate your fitness game with the PR-1100 power rack – your gateway to an epic home gym journey. 

PR-1100 with other gym equipment