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Ab Support Mat
Ab Support Mat - No Tailbone / Red
Ab Support Mat - No Tailbone / Blue
Ab Support Mat - No Tailbone / Pink
Ab Support Mat - Tailbone / Red
Ab Support Mat - Tailbone / Blue
Ab Support Mat - Tailbone / Pink


Add comfort, support, and efficiency to your workouts with REP’s Ab Support Mat, which allows your spine and hips to pivot optimally to engage your core muscles properly. The mat is made with a high-density foam core that retains its shape during and after use. The mat comes in medium firmness, to accommodate most users. It is long-lasting, featuring a double thick backing board and a premium, nonslip, PU (polyurethane) textured, vinyl cover, which is more durable than common PVC covers.

The Ab Support Mat was designed to follow the contours of your back, so it’s thicker on one side and more sloped on the other. The mat comes in two different models: the standard Ab Support Mat and the Ab Support Mat with a Tailbone Protector. The Tailbone Protector provides extra comfort via a thinner, attached pad that was specially created to prevent chafing and burns during high-rep sit-up workouts. The standard mat alone is 15x12x3”. The Tailbone is an additional 15x12x1”.


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  • Do the Ab Support Mats come with a warranty?

    Yes, our Ab Support Mats come with a one-year warranty.

  • What is the function of the Ab Support Mat?

    The REP Ab Support Mat allows your spine and hips to pivot the way they're supposed to, so you can use all your core muscles. Ab trainer mats make your sit-ups more comfortable by easing lower back strain and reducing hip flexor activation. Designed for Cross Training/HIIT-style workouts, the REP Ab Support Mat can also be used for handstand push-up protection or progressions, or as a cushion for knees during lunges or split squats.