Why Add a Utility Seat to Your Power Rack?

REP Fitness Utility Seat

Your power rack is basically a Transformer. A GoBot. Slip on a new attachment here or there and you open up an entire new world of pumpy possibilities.  

Like the Utility Seat.  

At first glance, this steel seat looks like an unsuspecting 32.75”-by-11.6” rectangle. But it’s actually a surprisingly versatile attachment that can add a ton of options to your home gym – without draining your wallet or taking up a lot of space. 

REP Fitness Utility Seat

First, you can attach this sucker to various spots of your rack – the crossmembers, uprights, Flip-Down Safeties, Spotter Arms, or ISO Arms – and where you put it will inform the different ways you can use it. In many cases (but not all), you can use the Utility Seat in place of a bench or Plyo Box (check out this story about all the different ways to use a Plyo Box). 

Use the Utility Seat for: 

  • Leg presses: Use the ISO Arms. 
    Lifter doing leg presses with a utility seat and ISO Arms
  • Box squats:
    Box squats on a utility seat
    Attach the seat to crossmembers, Spotter Arms, or Flip-Down safeties. No need to pull your bench into the rack or get a separate Plyo Box, which takes up more space. Note: If you want to attach it to the Spotter Arms, the rack must be bolted to the floor or stabilized with Front Foot Extensions.

  • Box jumps: Attach the seat to crossmembers, Spotter Arms, or Flip-Down Safeties; no Plyo Box needed. 
    Woman doing box jumps on a Utility Seat
  • Step-ups: Attach it to crossmembers, Spotter Arms, or those safeties. Make sure you have enough head space for any stepping or jumping exercises. 

  • Hyperextensions: Use it with the Leg Roller Attachment to make your own hyperextension setup. 
  • Hamstring/glute bridges: Put your feet on the seat and torture your hammies. 
     Hamstring bridges with a utility seat

  • Russian leans, i.e. partner glute-ham raises – without the need for a partner.
    Russian leans using a Utility Seat
    Attach the seat low, slide underneath on your belly, and push your feet against the bottom of the seat as you raise and lower your upper body using your glutes and hamstrings. 

  • Bulgarian split squats: Pop one foot on the platform for the world’s hardest leg exercise.  
    Lifter doing Bulgarian split squats on a utility seat
  • Pistol squat progressions: As you work toward full pistol squats, you can use the Utility Seat in lieu of a box with your progressions.  

  • Hip thrusts: Use it as back support for your barbell or dumbbell hip thrusts. 

  • Seated ab crunches while sitting on the Utility Seat.
  • Spotting: Use it as an elevated platform for spotters.  

  • Box push-ups: If you want to do incline or decline push-ups, use the seat instead of a box or bench.  
    Man doing decline push-ups

  • Tricep dips: While dips on the Utility Seat aren’t the same as on dip handles, they can still be a nice way to target upper body and an alternative for people who can’t dip on handles yet.  
    Tricep dips on a utility seat

  • Seal rows: Add the Utility Seat Pad to make it more comfy on your torso. 
    Seal rows on a utility seat|
  • Resistance band exercises: Add the updated Band Pegs 2.0 and hook your bands onto them. 
    Lifter doing resistance band exercises
  • As a sandbag loading platform:
    Utility Seat as a sandbag loading platform
    This allows you to change up sandbag exercises by switching up the height of the load. Pick up the sandbag (from the front or side) and place it on the platform or tap the platform for reps. Use a Stone Sandbag.

  • Storage: Add storage to your power rack, using the Band Pegs. 

Other ways to use a Utility Seat: 

  • Calf raises   
  • Decline mountain climbers  
  • Lateral step-ups   
  • Single-leg box squats   
  • Side planks