Home Gym Gift Guide: For the Empty Garage Bay

Home Gym Gift Guide: For the Empty Garage Bay

If you want a home gym and you can give up a garage bay (hey, it’s called priorities!), you can go all out. Here’s a quick list of what you need to build out your home gym in an empty garage bay. Let’s do it big!  

Power Rack  

PR-5000 6-post power rack  

Rack Attachments

Strap Safeties 2.0  

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar 

Flat Sandwich J-cups 2.0  

Cable Attachment



Hex Dumbbells (5-100lb set) 


Blackwing Adjustable Bench 


Double Black Diamond Bar 

Safety Squat Bar 

Open Trap Bar 


Pinnacle Plates 


Dumbbell Rack  (get two for the full dumbbell set)

Bar and Weight Plate Tree 

Other Things to Consider Adding 

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