Gifts to Start Your Home Gym

A home gym and gym equipment by a Christmas tree

Some people say the best gifts are experiences. Other people want something tangible to open and touch.  

We say why pick just one?  

Gym equipment is both something fun to unwrap and see, as well as something you can experience – for years.  

If someone on your list wants to start a home gym but isn’t sure where to start, let our pumped, lil’ elves help. Here’s where to start to build a home gym.  

How to Start a Basic Home Gym

Man working out on a cable machine next to his dog

If you’re not looking to specialize in a certain style of lifting (like powerlifting or Strongman) or you just want to get stronger across the board, you’ll want to build a basic home gym for strength and fitness training.  

Here are gifts to help start building out a home gym:  

Power Rack   

A blue power rack

A power rack is the best centerpiece for any home gym, because it is so versatile; you can keep building it out for years; and it will help keep you lifting safely. REP offers three “series” (or collections) of power racks: the 1000 Series (most basic), the 4000 Series (a step up), and the 5000 Series (the highest end). Here’s how to compare power racks to select the best one for you. If you’re on a budget, the 1000 Series racks are pretty affordable.

A Mixed-Use Barbell

The next piece you need for a basic home gym is a barbell. There are various different styles of barbells: for powerlifting, weightlifting, and multi-purpose/mixed-use

A man using the Colorado Bar

A general home gym will benefit most from a mixed-use barbell, because you can use it for the widest variety of exercises. The Barbell Comparison Guide will walk you through the different options. A great, basic mixed-use barbell is the Colorado Bar.  

Set of Weight Plates 

A group of weight plates

A barbell is only as useful as the weight you can load onto it. There are two types of plates: iron and bumpers. Bumpers may be best for most basic home gyms, because they are gentler on your floors and they’re quieter.

REP offers eight different types of bumper plates: Black Bumpers, Color Bumpers, Pinnacle  plates, Sport Bumpers, Animal Print Bumpers, Competition Bumpers, Hi-Temp Bumpers, and Technique Plates. A Simple Black Bumper Set is an easy win. But if you want more color or a fun design, there are plenty of options there, too.  

Adjustable Weight Bench

A weight bench is also a vital part of any gym. An adjustable bench packs the most versatility. REP offers various adjustable bench options, starting with the AB-3100. Which bench you choose will depend on your preferences and needs. This adjustable bench comparison guide will help you narrow it down.  

Jump Rope

Walking and running works for cardio and warming up, but a simple, small, inexpensive piece of cardio equipment to keep it interesting is a jump rope. If you haven’t jumped rope since elementary school, you’re in for a tough treat. 

Resistance Bands

Another small, inexpensive addition to a home gym is an exercise band (or a full set). These are helpful for warming up, as well as strength training and adding a challenge to compound lifts (think: banded deadlifts).
A group of resistance bands
Pull-Up Bands are a solid loop and Tube Resistance Bands are a single band with handles for gripping. Circle Hip Bands are shorter and thicker. Floss Bands aren’t for exercising; they’re a recovery tool.

Gym Flooring

Finish out your home gym and protect your floors and equipment with flooring. Choose between different materials and styles of flooring. This guide compares your flooring options.   

Spring Clips

OK, this one’s small but necessary. Spring Clips hold the plates on your barbell.  

Other Add-Ons 

Man reaching for a dumbbell in his home gym

Beyond the basics of a home gym, the other additions will depend on your preferences. But a few basic goodies include:  

  • Adjustable dumbbells (if you have limited space) or a dumbbell set 
  • Adjustable kettlebell (if you have limited space) or a kettlebell set 
  • Bar and Bumper Plate Tree ($169.99) or other storage options for organization 
  • An Exercise Mat ($25.99) can also be useful for floor work and stretching.  
  • Personalize your home gym with decorations, like flags.   

Want More Inspo?  

Working out in cramped quarters? Here’s how to build an amazing home gym in limited space.