REP's Modular Storage System versus the old MSS

Modular Storage Systems

It’s Storage Wars, garage gym edition – and REP’s new Modular Storage System comes out way on top as the best home or commercial gym organization solution out there. Even compared with REP’s old MSS.  

REP’s weightlifting engineers put a ton of thought and care into revamping our gym storage rack to address every need a home or commercial gym owner could have. Here’s how the old fares against the new.  


While the old MSS was made out of steel (and to be fair, nothing REP has ever put out has been subpar), that steel was only 2x2” thick.  

The new Modular Storage System is thicker than a Snicker. You might even say dummy thicc. Thick as thieves. It’s made from 3x3” 11-gauge steel, so it’s tough enough to handle whatever demands you put upon it.  

Thick and strong? A winning combo for home gym storage.  


Modular Storage System

The OG MSS did a great job of holding and storing your gym gear, but like many other gym equipment storage on the market, it wasn’t very versatile. In fact, it was a stand-alone storage system only – with no rack or rig compatibility, meaning you couldn’t attach it to your power rack or rig to save space.  

In that, it also wasn’t compatible with or robust enough for power rack attachments. So you couldn’t slap some Dip Handles or Band Pegs on the end uprights to add more workout options to your gym space, like you can with the new system. The old storage did have weight horn options, but even those were limited; they were specific add-ons for this singular unit and were not interchangeable with REP power racks or rigs.  

With the new gym storage system, you can choose to attach shelves to your 4000 or 5000 Series power rack or rigs – either in-rack (like this) or off-rack (like this -- still attached to the rack). For another off-rack design, there’s the Wing Add-On Storage 2.0. Got a functional trainer (aka cable machine)? Why, yes, you can combine a functional trainer with storage in one glorious, dream unit, too. You can also opt to build a stand-alone storage unit using many of the same pieces.  

The versatility of the new storage system is truly unmatched.  

Check out the Modular Storage System Guide for everything you could ever want to know (and more) about the new storage options (and to see just how versatile it really is).  

Bottom line: REP’s new Modular Storage System is the most versatile, functional storage system for a home or commercial gym possible. Periodt.  

Shelf Options 

Modular Storage System

The original MSS had two simple shelf options: a dumbbell and kettlebell storage tray and a ball and plate storage tray.  

The updated Modular Storage System has a ton of options you can mix and match to meet the unique needs of your gym. Choose between:  

A Dumbbell Storage Shelf (41”)

Dumbbell Storage Shelf

This is a sturdy, heavy-duty shelf with a 600lb weight capacity. This can hold a full set of pairs of 5-50lbs dumbbells on three shelves, while fitting perfectly inside the footprint of a 4000 or 5000 Series power rack. You can also build this shelf off to the side of your rack connected with a new 60” upright on the other end; integrate it into the barbell station of your rig; or use it with a stand-alone storage unit.   

A Ball and Plate Storage Shelf (41”)

Ball and Plate Storage Shelf

This tough shelf can hold bumper plates or balls, such as medicine balls and slam balls. It boasts a weight capacity of 600lbs. You can fit up to 13 REP 45lb Black Bumper Plates (2.4” width) on a single 41” shelf, with the usable space being 39.5”. 

A Flat Storage Shelf (41”)

Flat Storage Shelf

This 11-gauge-steel shelf can hold REP kettlebells, balls, or small accessories on 3.1SQFT of space. 

An even longer Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Shelf (72”)

Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Shelf

These shelves are reversible; one side holds dumbbells and the other stores kettlebells, balls, and small accessories. This translates to a set of 8kg-28kg kettlebells in pairs, or a 5-100lb dumbbell set on four shelves (5-35lbs, 40-60lbs, 65-80lbs, & 85-100lbs). This longer shelf was designed to fit within the footprint of your 4000 or 5000 Series rig bodyweight station. You can also build off to the side of your existing 4000 or 5000 Series rack and connect the 72” shelf to a new 60” upright or purchase it with a stand-alone storage unit 

Corner Shelf

Corner Shelf

Use this to build a stand-alone storage system and maximize every inch of space. This connects other storage shelves in a 90-degree angle and can hold even more equipment on 1.3SQFT of space.  

More Storage Options 

Shelf liner

With these shelves come even more options. You can choose to add protective shelf liners, too – an option that was not available with the old system.  

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