What is the Ares™ Cable Machine? Meet Your Rack's New Powerhouse Cable Attachment

Man using the Ares

If you don’t know the Ares™ cable machine, it’s time to get properly acquainted.  

In its simplest definition, the Ares™ cable machine attaches onto a power rack. It also has a built-on lat pulldown and low row feature.  

It’s easy to get tangled up in the many different types of power rack attachments and cable machine options, but it really doesn’t need to be complicated. The bottom line first: The Ares™ cable attachment has earned an impressive reputation as an industry leader for on-rack cable machines, boasting a 4.9/5-star average review.  

Before we dive into the specifics of the Ares™ cable machine, you can feel confident you’re in good hands. Here are a few things people have said about the Ares™ attachment:  

Review of the AresReview of the aresAres reviews


“This is the best fitness product released for home gyms in the last 20 years. It makes you wonder why other companies never thought of this before. To be honest, I never thought I would want a power rack because I like doing pulley work, pull exercises and the versatility that a weight stack offers.” - David G. 

“The versatility on this machine will leave you speechless. I never thought I could have such a versatile functional trainer in my home gym. Heck, if I had enough space [I’d] have two of these things. It’s more than I can ask for if you have a home gym, you’re looking at everything you need right here and this machine.” - Ricky D.

"This is the best machine and rack I've ever used. Im usually going to commercial gyms but this thing is as good or better than the commercial equipment I've used." - Garett F.   

What Makes the Ares™ Cable Machine Attachment so Good? 

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Unlike the functional trainers (cable machines) you’ve seen at commercial gyms and rec centers, the Ares™ cable machine does not need the space to stand alone. It integrates right into the existing space of a power rack, creating a minimal additional footprint – making it ideal for home or commercial gyms with limited space and for lifters who want to maximize the potential of their power rack.

The Ares™ cable machine was designed to seamlessly integrate onto an existing PR-4000 or PR-5000 power rack. These are REP’s two high-end power racks that you can build yourself via the rack builder, or you can check out the pre-selected PR-5000 or pre-selected PR-4000 (already build out for you with a few small customization options).   

Crafted by the innovative weightlifting engineers at REP Fitness in Colorado, this attachment is a game-changer for home and commercial gyms. 

Features That Set the Ares™ Cable Attachment Apart 

Details of the Ares cable attachment

Here are a few of the features that set the Ares™ cable machine apart from other on-rack cable attachments:

  • Compatible with both 80-inch and 93-inch racks, the Ares™ cable machine ensures a perfect fit and adds virtually no footprint to your existing gym equipment. 
  • It boasts dual weight stacks of 260lbs each, which can be upgraded to 310lbs per stack, allowing for both unilateral and bilateral exercises. This flexibility is ideal for a wide range of cable exercises, including lat pulldowns and low rows. 
  • The system's front pulleys offer a 180-degree swivel, enabling a variety of movements both inside and outside the rack. 
  • Each trolley is equipped with a special plastic lining for a light, smooth glide, making adjustments effortless. 
  • The Ares™ cable machine features high-quality aluminum pulleys and oversized pop-pins for easy adjustments. 
  • The Ares™ attachment uses hot-rolled steel plates with a machined finish for consistent, durable weights. The weights are easily selectable with a magnetized pin that slides in smoothly. 
  • A sleek metallic black shroud with a recessed, stainless-steel REP logo adds a pro touch, complete with laser-cut windows to view the weights in motion. 
  • The Ares™ cable machine includes a footplate for stabilization during rowing movements; micro-adjustment weights for smaller, incremental weight jumps; and is compatible with a variety of handles and bars for a fully tailored gym experience. 

Why is the Ares Cable Machine a Leader in Fitness? 

Details of the Ares cable attachment

With a 2:1 weight ratio (100lbs feels like 50lbs), the Ares™ cable machine makes lifting efficient and effective. A 2:1 ratio is best for functional training, when you want a faster-traveling cable. Think: more explosive exercises, jumps, quicker movements. Learn more about what cable ratios mean and why that’s important

The Ares™ attachment is more than just an attachment; REP has thought of everything to complement it to create the best possible gym environment. It is compatible with customizable Modular Storage System options, like Off-Rack or Wing Add-Ons. Read more about how to add modular storage to the Ares™ cable machine here.   

The Ares™ attachment comes with Urethane D-handles, a knurled hard-chrome lat pulldown bar and low row bar, a footplate, a connector banana, and four 2.5lb weights for micro-adjustments. It’s compatible with a ton of other cable attachments, too. Check out REP’s Cable Attachments collection 

Note: The head plate was designed to be light enough for lifters wanting to perform rehab motions like rotator cuff work. To keep the headplate from rising during weight adjustment, we recommend attachments on the front handles weighing less than 3.5lbs, or lightly press on the headplate while adjusting the pin if you're using a heavier attachment.  

Learn more about the different kinds of cable attachments and what you can use them for here.  

The Ares™ cable machine isn't just an accessory; it's a complete upgrade, ensuring your home or commercial gym meets the highest standards of versatility and quality. If you're looking to elevate your fitness journey, the Ares™ cable attachment is your must-have companion. 

Looking for More From a Cable Attachment? 

Woman lifting on the Ares 2.0 cable attachment

The original
Ares™ cable machine is incredible, but if you’re looking for the newest incarnation, check out the Ares™ 2.0 cable machine. Learn more about the 2.0 version here, including what makes it different from the original Ares™ cable attachment.