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Ares 2.0
Ares 2.0 - Default Title
Ares 2.0 - Default Title
  • Ares 2.0
  • Ares 2.0
  • Ares 2.0
  • Ares 2.0




  • Which power racks are compatible with the Ares™ 2.0?
    Only the PR-4000 and PR-5000 power racks are compatible with the Ares™ 2.0. For the PR-4000, you need to have the 16” crossmembers with vertical holes. Please reach out to Support via our Contact Us form with any questions, comments, or concerns. PR-5000 owners should verify they own the most updated version of the PR-5000 power rack, which has 1” holes along the upright, whereas the original version has alternating 5/8” holes and 1” holes. The Ares™ is not compatible with any flat-footed rack configuration: Omni, Apollo™, or HR-5000 V1.
  • What rack configurations will the Ares™ 2.0 fit on?

    * The PR-4000 6-post rack with 16", 24", 30", or 41" crossmembers in the front with 16" crossmembers in the back.   

    * The PR-4000 4-post rack with only the 16" crossmembers.   

    * The PR-5000 6-post rack with 16", 30", or 41" crossmembers in the front with 16" crossmembers in the back. 

    * The PR-5000 4-post rack with only the 16” crossmembers.

  • What is the weight capacity on the trolley and cables?

    The weight capacity for both the cable and the trolleys is 450lbs.

  • How much do the weight stacks weigh?
    The weight stacks are 260lbs each with the option to upgrade them to 310lbs each. They also come with labels that tell you how the weight stacks feel for ease of use. No math required. 
  • Do I need to bolt down my rack with the Ares™ 2.0 ?
    The Ares™ 2.0 6-post configuration will not need to be bolted down. We always recommend bolting the rack down for safety. With the 4-post Ares™ 2.0 attachment, we recommend using our Front Foot Extensions.
  • What if I cut out holes in my mats for the uprights?

    You will also need to clear a section in the back so the Ares™ 2.0 components can rest on the floor.

  • If I eventually change the depth of my rack, will my Ares™ 2.0 still work?
    You will need to change your cable length if you change the depth of your rack. Cable packages will be sold separately so you can upgrade.
  • Will there be a plate-loaded version of the Ares™ 2.0?

    We are working on quite a few cable attachment options, including plate-loaded and selectorized, but they may not look exactly like the Ares™ 2.0. We do not currently have any public release dates for these new products.

  • Do I need a specific color of uprights?

    Not necessarily. While the matte black finish does have some texture, the trolleys will still work just fine. But the trolley will work best on our other finishes.

  • Does the Ares™ 2.0 work with a Rear Base Stabilizer?

    No, the Ares™ 2.0 completely replaces the Rear Base Stabilizer. 

  • Can you use other cable attachments with the Ares™ 2.0?
    Yes, check out our cable attachments collection. Note: The headplate was designed to be light enough for lifters wanting to perform rehab motions like rotator cuff work. To keep the headplate from rising during weight adjustment, we recommend attachments on the front handles weighing less than 3.5lbs, or lightly press on the headplate while adjusting the pin if you're using a heavier attachment. 
  • Is the Ares™ 2.0 cable attachment compatible with the Compact Logo Plate Crossmember?
    Yes, but you will need to remove the REP logo plate itself to install the Ares™ 2.0. This logo plate can be reattached to another crossmember of your choosing. 
  • What else should I consider getting with my Ares™ 2.0?
    We would recommend purchasing additional cable attachments, as well as upgrading the Ares™ 2.0 weight stacks.
  • What exercises can I do on the Ares™ 2.0?
    The number of exercises you can perform is long, but just to name a few: curls, tricep pushdowns, cable flies, lateral leg raises, donkey kicks, lateral arm raises, rehab/prehab shoulder work, mid rows, low rows (by using a bench), wood chops, face pulls, belt squats with our attachment, seated cable flies, and since there are so many attachment points, it is easy to superset between exercises. 
  • Can I upgrade my original Ares to an Ares 2.0?

    No, we have updated too many parts and features to transform the original Ares into the 2.0 version.

  • What if I already own a Lat Pulldown & Low Row attachment?
    The Ares™ 2.0 system completely replaces our current plate-loaded or selectorized lat pulldown and low row attachment with a selectorized lat pulldown and seated row and functional trainer system all in one. (“Selectorized” refers to your ability to select the desired weight with a pin.)
  • How does the Ares™ 2.0 ship?
    The Ares™ 2.0 ships LTL Freight. A semitrailer will arrive with a wooden crate, and inside the crate, we’ve securely packaged the Ares™ 2.0 in multiple boxes to allow just a single person to bring it into their garage, basement, or gym. We are shipping over 1,000lbs, and this is the most secure and protected way to ship the Ares™ 2.0 to you.
  • Are any pull-up bars not compatible with Ares™ 2.0?
    The Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar is not compatible with the 16” + 16” crossmember configuration. The globe grip is not compatible with the 41” front crossmember + 16” back crossmember configuration. The globe grip was updated in 2020. The older version will not work with any configuration of the Ares™ 2.0. The 4-post configuration is compatible with our new mounting brackets that will allow you to mount a straight pull-up bar.
  • Is the Ares™ 2.0 compatible with other brands of power racks?
    No. The Ares™ was designed for REP brand PR-4000 and PR-5000 series racks. Even if other racks have a 47” rack, there is no standardization across hole patterns, metric measurements, height, thickness of powdercoat, etc. We will not guarantee the fit of an Ares™ 2.0 on anything other than a REP rack.
  • Can I use the ISO Arms?
    Yes! The Ares™ 2.0 doesn’t interfere with the ISO Arms attachment, so you have plenty of space to do ISO rows, deadlifts, squats, a variety of presses, belt squats, monolift bench presses, banded jumps, and more.
  • Can I use the Belt Squat?

    Yes! The Ares™ 2.0 doesn’t affect the functionality of the Belt Squat attachment. So in addition to belt squats, you can do weighted pull-ups, hip thrusts, rack pulls, rows, deadlifts, dips, Bulgarian split squats, calf raises, and more.