Ultimate Home or Commercial Gym Organization with Ares™ Cable Attachment

Lifter doing cable exercises

It’s called harmony. Cables and shelves can co-exist peacefully together under one power rack.  

If you have an Ares™ cable attachment, you might not think you can also build storage onto your rack. But with the Modular Storage System, you can. You just gotta know the right parts and options for this space-saving solution. From there, it’s super easy.  

First, let’s all get on the same page.  

What is the Ares™ Cable Attachment? 

The Ares cable attachment

The Ares™ attachment is a fully integrated cable machine and lat pulldown/low row attachment that affixes to your existing PR-4000 or PR-5000 power rack. This saves major space, by bringing a ton more versatility and cable exercises inside the rack, while preserving nearly all the original functionality.  

What is the Modular Storage System?  

REP's modular storage system

The Modular Storage System is hyper-customizable, space-saving, and versatile storage that you can mix and match to build a unique storage solution for your home or commercial gym.  

It blends seamlessly with REP cable systems, racks, and rigs. Choose to integrate right onto your existing rack or rig, taking up minimal space -- even if you have on-rack cable attachments. Or expand your rack to the sides with shelves that attach to the outside of existing uprights. If space allows, the Modular Storage System can also stand alone and still provide the best dumbbell storage (and more) out there.  

Moreover, this all-in-one storage adds functionality; it works with accessories, like weight horns and dip attachments.  

How to Build In-Rack Storage with an Ares™ Attachment 

If you want to organize your workout space and build storage with the Ares™ attachment, it's really simple. Here’s a design to inspire you.

Lifter doing lat pulldowns

Note: You can change the number of shelves, length of shelves, color of uprights, add attachments, add shelf liners, and (of course) change what you put on the shelves based on what equipment you have.  

This option will allow you to build winged shelves off one or two sides of your power rack by doubling up use of the back uprights, without interfering with the functionality of the cable machine.  

Pictured here: A dual-sided build with four shelves per side.  

What you need:  

Lifter using weight horns