Comparing REP's Best Adjustable Benches

REP Fitness adjustable benches

With REP's various adjustable benches, it can feel overwhelming to pick the right one. 
Each bench is different, with various combos of size, weight capacity, pad angles, adjustment mechanisms, style, and more. Benches range from lightweight (70lbs) to sturdier (131lbs); from 4-gauge steel to 14; and from budget-friendly to high-end. 
But you don’t need to get in a shopping workout before getting in your actual workout. Here’s a quick guide to navigate REP's adjustable benches (that’s what the “AB” in the name stands for): the AB-3000 2.0, AB-3100, AB-4100AB-5100, AB-5200, AB-5200 2.0, and the BlackWing adjustable bench. 
Note: All of Rep’s adjustable benches feature: 

  • a grippy, textured vinyl pad that is slip-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Note: Some pads come in the new CleanGrip® material.  
  • flat and incline options 
  • precise manufacturing with state-of-the-art robotics 

Don't like to read? Here is a quick comparison chart. 

REP Fitness adjustable bench comparison chart


If you want an affordable FID bench … 

Want to hit multiple angles – but you're on a budget? The AB-3000 2.0 is known as the best-value, adjustable, flat-incline-decline bench for home gyms. The back pad has eight adjustments, from 85 degrees upright to a -12 decline, and the seat pad also has five angle options. For decline, just swing the leg roller out from underneath the seat to secure your feet. No need to purchase an additional Leg Roller Attachment; it’s all built in. This is a classic, adjustable bench that gets the job done.  

Other highlights for the AB-3000 2.0 

  • Adjust the angle instantly and effortlessly by moving the bench into the desired ladder rung.  
  • The AB-3000 2.0 has updated CleanGrip® pads, which are denser and grippier than standard pads.  
  • A horizontal handle makes it easy to move the bench around your gym.  
  • It’s solid, with heavy-duty bolts, 11-gauge steel, and a weight capacity of half a ton.   

If you are new to lifting ... 

The AB-3100 bench

The AB-3100 bench

Try the AB-3100. This flat-incline bench is the most affordable and the lightest weight, while still featuring six back pad adjustments and three seat angle options. It has a lower weight capacity (700lbs) than most other benches and doesn’t offer a decline position — but it’s still incredibly sturdy. 

Other highlights for the AB-3100:   

  • The AB-3100 is made with 14- to 4-gauge steel frame and has grooved, rubber feet.  
  • The ladder-style design allows for easy and secure angle adjustment. 
  • Three legs instead of four leaves more space on the floor for your feet when bench pressing. 

If you have limited space …  

AB-4100 adjustable bench

AB-4100 adjustable bench

The AB-4100 is the most compact bench, taking up a mere 7.2SQFT of working space. Plus, it’s lightweight (85lbs) and easy to move, with a built-in, upright storage post with a rubber lining to protect the floor. 

More highlights for the AB-4100 include:  

  • The AB-4100 features 7 back positions (0 to 85 degrees) and 3 seat positions (0, 10, and 20 degrees). 
  • The closed ladder design prevents you from lifting the ladder out when adjusting the angles or storing vertically. 
  • The AB-4100 was designed to meet IPF height standards for the athlete looking to stay consistent with training tools. 

If you hate the gap between the seat and back pad …  

The BlackWing Adjustable Bench
The BlackWing™ bench


No need to deal with the annoying gap between the seat and back pad on an adjustable bench. The BlackWing™ bench has  ZeroGap® technology, featuring a patented seat that slides forward and backward to eliminate the gap altogether. Out of the box, this hardcore bench allows for seven incline options. Or buy the optional Leg Roller Attachment to open up decline options, too. 

If you want a high-end adjustable bench but don’t care about the gap …  

AB-5100 bench
AB-5100 bench

The AB-5100 has tons of great features: a pop-pin adjustment mechanism, 7 back pad angles, 5 seat pad angles, compatibility with the Leg Roller Attachment for decline options, and a 1,000lb weight capacity. But it doesn’t have the ZeroGap® technology seat, which makes it a bit easier to learn how to use, ideal if your gym is busy, you’re newer to lifting, or you want to keep things simple.   

More highlights of the AB-5100:  

  • The AB-5100 is commercial grade, with 11-gauge steel frame, high-end finishes, wheel guards, thick vinyl, and more. 
  • This bench has one of the smaller footprints, at just 7.5SQFT. 
  • Grooved, rubber feet keep this bench solid and in place. No slipping around.  

If you’re a large lifter … 

AB-5200 adjustable bench
AB-5200 adjustable bench

Even the tallest athlete can stay in position on the long AB-5200. The total pad length for this bench is 55.25”, with the back pad alone hitting 42”. Support your head and shoulders whether you're lying down or seated upright. A wide pad (14” at its widest point, compared with 12”) is compatible with this bench. Bonus: If you want a spotter platform, this is the only bench with that option. 

Other highlights for the AB-5200 are:  

  • The AB-5200 includes a built-in upright storage post that was designed for tight vertical storage, only taking up 2.5SQFT of space. 
  • The closed ladder design on both the seat and back keeps the ladder securely in place when adjusting. 
  • This bench has 7back pad angles (0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 85 degrees) and 3 seat pad adjustments (0, 15, and 30 degrees).

If you want to customize your dream bench... 

The AB-5200 2.0

The AB-5200 2.0 is the toughest, most customizable bench out there. Choose a fixed post or adjustable post; the latter turns this bench into an FID bench. You can further personalize it by selecting a frame color, with the option to pick a different accent color on the guide rails. You can also choose a standard or wide pad right from the get-go.  

Other highlights for the AB-5200 2.0 

  • With an adjustable post, this bench has the most back pad angles.  
  • This bench meets IPF heigh standards.  
  • Store this bench vertically on its built-in, metal stand.  

If you want all the high-end features …  

The Blackwing bench
The BlackWing bench

The BlackWing bench takes all the best features from all the best benches. It has it all. Decline options. CleanGrip® pads in wide or standard. An improved ZeroGap® technology feature. A closed ladder adjustment system. Compatibility with the Leg Roller Attachment for even more decline variations. Vertical storage. Even the seat pad is a unique combo of a ladder/pop-pin. Seriously, is there anything the BlackWing™ bench doesn’t have? (That’s rhetorical. This is the mother of them all.)  

More reasons to love the BlackWing™ bench:  

  • At 131lbs, this is the most robust bench, but it’s easy to move around thanks to its horizontal handle. 
  • This bench features tons of high-end details, like a laser-cut REP logo on the ladder and mountain logo on the front foot.  
  • A protective liner on the front foot keeps the bench in place and protects your floor.  

Want more info? Check out this chart. 

We love charts. Charts are our favorite. Note: The AB-5000 has been discontinued. 

Adjustable Bench comparison guide

Adjustable Bench comparison guide