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Cambered Swiss Bar
Cambered Swiss Bar - Default Title
Cambered Swiss Bar - Default Title
  • Lifter using loaded Cambered Swiss Bar for incline bench press.
  • Lifter preparing to use loaded Cambered Swiss Bar for flat bench press.
  • Lifter preparing to use loaded Cambered Swiss Bar from the floor.
  • Lifter using loaded Cambered Swiss Bar for bent over rows.
  • Cambered Swiss Bar
  • Cambered Swiss Bar premium chrome sleeve with REP logo.
  • Cambered Swiss Bar round frame tubing for more comfortable loading on your chest.
  • Cambered Swiss Bar knurled handle for the right amount of grip without being too aggressive.
  • Loaded Cambered Swiss Bar
  • Lifter using loaded Cambered Swiss Bar for bicep curls.
  • Lifter using loaded Cambered Swiss Bar for skull crushers.





  • Why a Cambered Swiss Bar?

    To spice up your routine! The grip variation gives your body a break from the standard positions. This can benefit overworked areas like the shoulders or be the change in muscle recruitment to blast through strength plateaus. This bar can also be used for a variety of movements like bench press, shoulder press, bent over rows, seal rows, bicep curls, skull crushers, lat pulldowns, and much more! 

  • What is the difference between deficit and camber?

    All handles on the bar take advantage of the camber, which means the weight is offset from your grip. This creates a pendulum effect, so you have to engage more muscles to stabilize the bar, driving a different stimulus than a traditional barbell. The outermost handle is also set at a deficit so you are able to pull the bar into a deeper range of motion. 

  • How did REP decide on the positioning of the handles?

    We went through multiple iterations and did our homework with this product. First, we reviewed existing products to determine strengths and weaknesses. We leveraged our engineering team’s knowledge and an experienced consumer review group to create the ultimate feel. We are confident that this bar has the best feel of any bar on the market, regardless of your size!    

  • Why did REP use all round tube?

    Using all round tube is not the easiest way to produce this bar, but it provides the best feel. Many bars utilize flat plate outer sections and when it hits you, it hurts! The round tube prevents point loading when the bar contacts your body. This means you can focus strictly on the motion and getting your best workout!   

  • Why the camber?

    The camber allows for a potentially deeper stretch or range of motion.  As an example, using the widest grip for a bench press will result in the hands to lower farther than usual. But because the weight is not in line with the handle for the other hand positions, this creates a pendulum effect, which means that you have to work extra hard to stabilize. This combines the benefit of a flat Swiss (straight handles) and a football bar (angled handles). Our handle positions have been optimized to take advantage of the camber and give the bar a lot of different uses wrapped into one package.

  • How much weight can I fit on the bar?

    You can load 810lbs of additional weight (aka nine standard, iron 45s per side). If you can also lift it, we'd be very impressed. 

  • Do I need specialty collars?

    Nope! Our bar fits standard collars!

  • Does the Cambered Swiss Bar come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Cambered Swiss Bar comes with a five-year warranty.

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