What Makes REP Fitness Apparel the Best Gym Clothes & Workout Clothes of 2024?

Men pushing sled in REP shorts

Pete Dirksing wore something special for his recent 10K race: a prototype pair of socks and gym shorts with a special zipper pocket for his phone so it wouldn’t bounce around while he ran.  

The socks and shorts withstood the 10K test. But that race is just the beginning of the obstacle course they must pass before they ever make it to the retail racks.  

Pete is the VP of apparel for REP Fitness. And his closet surely must be one of the most unusual clothing collections on Earth. It’s packed with prototypes of fitness apparel in a rainbow of colors, fabrics, and styles, all waiting to be abused, sweated in, washed, and stretched in every possible direction. The lucky few pieces that survive Pete’s running, cycling, and weightlifting move onto the next round of tests: further abuse by other REP product testers with different athletic pursuits, different body shapes, and different opinions.  

These clothes are meant to be Worn with a big, capital “W.”   

But really. What else would you expect from an apparel line made by lifters for lifters?  

When REP decided to launch an apparel line, the core tenant was clear: assure the same meticulous detail that goes into REP’s gym equipment goes into its clothing. Just like REP’s racks, barbells, and dumbbells, if REP’s staff of real-life lifters doesn’t really want to use it, it doesn’t make the cut.  

Man squatting in REP apparel

Here’s what that means – and why these gym clothes are changing the fitness apparel industry.

Three Pillars of REP Apparel 

On the surface, designing clothes might seem easy. But countless decisions need to be made every inch of the way: How close are stitches? What’s the color of the thread? What's the finish on the zipper? Just selecting the perfect material requires spreadsheets, stacks of samples, and diligent attention to detail.

Add to that REP’s approach. 

“We’re doing some special things far above and beyond what you’d normally find in the industry,” Pete says.  

He breaks it down into three main categories: materials, fit, and quality.   


Woman in REP apparel

Quality Assurance:
Each fabric undergoes third-party testing for colorfastness, anti-pilling, shrink resistance, and more. However, we go beyond lab tests, incorporating real-world test scenarios to ensure the materials withstand the rigors of even the most demanding fitness environments. Multiple levels and types of testing assures the material does what it’s supposed to do, on and off paper. It takes about one full year to develop an apparel piece, including months of real-world testing. 

Premium Selection: REP selects only high-tier materials that provide essential properties, such as moisture-wicking, stretchability, and durability.  

Custom Development: When existing materials don't meet our high standards, we take the initiative to develop new fabrics to enhance athletic performance and comfort. This hands-on approach to material innovation sets REP apart from other brands.  

Fit and Design 

Man working out in REP apparel

Innovative Fitting Process:
Unlike many mainstream brands that rely solely on static-fit mannequins, we use a combination of fit mannequins (for consistency of fit) and real-life models to ensure the garments truly conform to the contours and movements of active bodies. This meticulous fitting strategy helps us craft garments that support all types of physical activities without restriction. 

Real-Life Testing: All products are rigorously tested by our diverse, in-house team that lives the fitness lifestyle, ensuring that each item performs well in real conditions —whether it's squat-proof functionality, handstand pushups against a cinder-block wall, or comfort during a 10K run. 

Thoughtful Features: Details like strategically placed zippered pockets and options for drawstring placements enhance functionality without compromising style.  

Inclusive Sizing: We offer multiple inseam options for shorts and tights, ensuring a perfect fit for various body heights without the need for alterations. 

Style and Versatility: Our apparel is designed to be as versatile as it is functional, perfect for both gym sessions and casual outings. Our minimalist logo placement and sleek design focus on aesthetic appeal and functionality, allowing our wearers to look good and feel great, both in and out of the gym. 


Girl working out in REP apparel

Unmatched Inspection Standards:
We inspect 100% of our apparel. Every single piece, not just a sample batch -- an incredibly rare practice in the industry — to ensure that each product meets our standards before reaching you. This comprehensive inspection process goes above and beyond the norm. 

Environmental Commitment: True quality goes beyond how a piece of clothing performs, fits, and looks; it also accounts for the greater picture. REP is committed to sustainability, using recycled materials for fabrics and packaging wherever possible. Our products feature recyclable hangtags and are shipped in biodegradable poly-mailers, reflecting our dedication to reducing environmental impact.  

This focus extends to the longevity of our garments. We invest in high-quality components like YKK zippers (the best of the best) and we reinforce stress points to prevent tearing. Our approach ensures that REP apparel not only performs well but also lasts longer than typical fitness wear. This “anti-fast fashion” approach ensures that each piece is durable, avoiding the cycle of disposable wear and contributing to a more sustainable wardrobe. 

Why Choose REP's Workout Clothes? 

Man working out in REP apparel

REP Fitness apparel isn't just about good-looking clothes; it's about crafting solutions for the active lifestyle. Unlike many clothing lines, we are proud to have our own in-house design, development, and pattern-making team. We aren't sourcing pre-made styles. Everything we release has been designed from scratch. This means REP isn't beholden to any factory and that we own every pattern and detail, so we can be certain that each product not only fits perfectly but also stands up to the demands of vigorous workouts.

By choosing REP, you're not just purchasing gym wear; you're investing in high-performance apparel proudly designed by athletes, for athletes.  

Man lifting in REP apparel

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