How to Pick the Best Gym Clothes

Gym girl in Hera Tights

Ready to flex your style muscles? Here's what to consider when picking out the best gym clothes to help you meet your fitness goals. 

Comfort and Unrestricted Movement  

You don’t want your clothes getting in your way. Look for clothes with four-way-stretch fabrics, multiple inseams, and smooth, non-scrunch waistbands that won’t dig into your waist. We’re a big fan of the under-leg gusset on shorts, which allows for a greater range of motion and less tension on the crotch. Check out the Pinnacle Shorts for high-performance shorts that are equally as comfortable. All the mobility! 

Man pushing a sled wearing Pinnacle Shorts

Also, look for shirts without itchy tags. A tag-free shirt with a care label printed on the fabric is a must-have. Why again are we still making itchy tags when we can visit Mars? The Tri-Blend Crew Shirt does it right. No stupid tag in sight.  

Flattering Fit 

When you look and feel good, you perform better. Turns out, the saying “dress for success” has some truth to it. A study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that what you wear affects how you act and perceive the world. In other words, you kinda are what you wear.  

So, it’s not just about a cute new tank or tee with an athletic cut that accentuates your muscles (see: the Daily Driver 2.0). It’s actually functional, and it’s called “enclothed cognition:” How you dress affects your mental state, too. It’s almost like putting on a costume that signals you to act the part. And studies show you do.  

Man wearing Daily Driver shirt

Wicking Fabric  

Your gym clothes have technical functions, too. When needed, a nice hoody or long-sleeved shirt on top can keep your muscles warm and ready for action. And moisture-wicking, breathable fabric can pull the sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. The Felix Pants are an example of men’s workout pants with high-quality, moisture-wicking fabric.   

Felix Pants

Anti-Odor Treatment  

Shower and deodorize your pits as much as you want, but gym clothes can get ratchet. Look for workout apparel treated with Silvadur silver ion anti-microbial/anti-odor treatment to keep them smelling good for a long time – and keep you from being That Guy at the gym (yes, even at your home gym). All REP workout apparel is Silvadur-ed, including the Attis Shorts.  

Man in black Attis Shorts

Smart layers can keep your body at the optimal temperature. They can warm up your muscles when they’re cold (or it’s cold out) and help your body temp drop when you’re going too hard. You can always throw a Long-Sleeved Tri-Blend Crew Shirt on top to start – or of course, a hoodie. You’ll live in the Unisex Zip Hoodie, in and out of the gym. It comes in five different colors, too. Not saying you need five different colors of hoodies, but also not saying you don’t.  

Man in a blue hoodie


This isn’t a must-have, but it’s sure nice to have somewhere to stash your keys, ID, or phone while you lift. Look for hidden waistband pockets (like on the Hera Tights) to stash small items without sticking out and ruining your fit. And high hip pockets hold your phone in place while you’re active – without it flopping around and distracting you.  

Hera Tights features


Pick clothes you can use for a variety of types of workouts – from lifting to running – and also clothes that look great when you leave the gym and head to lunch with your friends. Get the most bang for your buck with clothes you can work and play in.  

Hook it up: The Versa Shorts are equal parts performance and lifestyle.  

Versa Shorts


Above all, pick gym clothes that will last. Sure, it might be tempting to stock up your closet with a bunch of cheap junk from questionable websites, but more isn’t always more. Instead, pick clothes that will last, not disintegrate in the wash, feel good on your body, and keep joining you for workouts until you grow so big and strong that you have to swap them out for the next size up. Yeah, buddy.  

Woman in REP apparel