The Best Gifts for Powerlifters

Gifts for powerlifters

Competitive powerlifters tend to be incredibly particular creatures, but then that makes sense for a sport with a lot of regulations. Luckily, that makes shopping for a powerlifter pretty straightforward. Basically, if it contributes to one of three lifts (squat, bench, or deadlift), there’s a good probability it’s a great gift.  

Looking for somewhere to start? World-record-holding powerlifter Bama Burr recommends how to put together an at-home powerlifting gym in “What You Need to Build a Powerlifting Home Gym.”  You can do a lot with a power rack, bench, barbell, and some weight plates.  

Here are three gift ideas for that Sour-Patch-Kid-eating, singlet-wearing gym rat in your life:  

A Power Bar

Stainless Steel Double Black Diamond Bar
The dream gift for this barbell-centered sport is (not surprisingly) a power bar -- a barbell specially designed for powerlifters. Yes, even if they already have a barbell. No, you can’t have too many barbells. Yes, they will probably want to snuggle with it under the tree. This is the life of a powerlifter. Just accept it and don’t ask questions.
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Change Plates

Yes, these tiny, wee, baby plates – for a sport that is all about moving big, massive weight. Change plates are helpful in training, because they let you make incremental jumps and slowly build strength.
A row of change plates
This is especially useful for: experienced lifters trying to budge out of a plateau; new lifters trying to identify their max; and everyone ever training to someday max a bench press.  

USA-Made Equalizer Plates

Mmm, the clank of iron. Yes, bumpers are gentle on your floors, but you can fit more irons on the bar, and powerlifting meets use iron plates. Equalizer Iron Olympic Plates are the most accurate iron plates, guaranteed to be within a 2% tolerance. Plus, the hexagon cutouts make these plates versatile for other exercises and easy to load and unload.  

Want more ideas? 

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