Best Barbells for Powerlifters

Powerlifter deadlifting on a power bar

Powerlifters can be a particular bunch. That’s no judgment; it’s justifiable. When you’re pushing your body to such extreme edges, it’s helpful to control as many variables as possible.  

Whether you’re new or a record-holder, whether you prefer unsanctioned deadlift parties with tacos or Platform Is Life -- no matter the association -- we’ve got a barbell for you, boo.  

REP offers several different barbells specifically designed for powerlifters. Of course, our multi-use barbells can do the job, too. But if you’re looking to adopt a new power bar, here’s a quick and dirty guide to help match you with the best option.

Best Barbells for Powerlifting Chart

If you’re new to powerlifting... 

Mesa Technique Bar

The lightweight Mesa Technique Bar is ideal to help you learn the proper techniques of Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. As a training bar that’s built for beginners, the Mesa weighs just 15lbs – but it’s long enough to fit on a standard power rack. Although it’s a beginner bar, the Mesa remains high quality, with a bare aluminum shaft and steel sleeves coated with durable Duracoat. 

The Mesa has bushing-style sleeves, which are slower rotating. The knurling is hill-style and light, with no center knurl. It features both powerlifting and weightlifting knurling marks. The Mesa’s weight capacity tops out at 50lbs.  


If you want an introductory mixed-use barbell that favors powerlifting...

Delta Basic Bar

The Delta Basic Bar is a high-quality, powerlifting/mixed-use barbell with slower-rotating, strength-focused, brass bushing sleeves, perfect for powerlifting. But dual knurl markings make the bar versatile enough for whatever kind of lifting you’re doing. It has a bright chrome coating on both the shaft and sleeves, and the sleeves are smooth for the easy loading and unloading of weight plates. 

This bar features volcano-style, medium-depth knurling with a center knurl to keep the bar secure on your back during squats. It can handle up to 700lbs of weight – not as much as some of the higher-end barbells, which is why the Delta is great for new lifters.  


If you want the best bar for the big 3... 

Double Black Diamond Bar

If you’re looking for the king of power bars that you can use with all three lifts, go with the Double Black Diamond Power Bar. This is REP’s top-tier powerlifting barbell with very aggressive, mountain-style knurling for your deads, as well as center knurling to keep the bar locked onto your back during squats.  

Another cool thing about the Double Black Diamond is how you can customize it. It comes in six styles:  

  • fully stainless steel; 
  • a stainless-steel shaft with hard chrome sleeves;  
  • or a black, blue, green, or red Cerakote shaft with Duracoat sleeves. Duracoat is a chemical process that hardens the outside of the steel, making it more corrosion resistant than other finishes.  

The Double Black Diamond also has IPF-standard knurl markings and a 29mm diameter to comply with IPF standards. But its sleeve construction is as good as it gets for a power bar – high-end bronze bushings allow for consistent rotation, while ensuring incredible strength and stiffness to withstand heavy loads. This bar can handle up to 1,500lbs. And if you’re maxing that out, message us immediately because we want an autograph. 

As a premium option, this bar is topped off with beautiful, metal endcaps with unique designs.  

If you want a specialty deadlift bar... 

Hades Deadlift Bar

If you compete in an association (such as the USPA or WRPF) that uses a deadlift bar in comp – or you just love pulling on a deadlift specialty bar – check out the Hades Deadlift Bar. This premium barbell features deep, mountain-style knurling to provide maximum grip support for heavy deads and no center knurling.  

The thinner shaft (27mm) and longer total length (7.9’) allows for more flex and whip. An earlier bar bend allows the lifter to gain momentum and speed before the weight leaves the ground, which can especially benefit sumo pulls and potentially contribute to heavier lifts. All measurements of the Hades bar adhere to powerlifting standards for associations that use a deadlift bar. Knurl markings help with proper hand placement.  

But what makes the Hades really stand out from other deadlift bars is:  

  • Its 15.75” loadable sleeve length is longer than most other deadlift bars, which means space for more weight plates on the bar.  
  • The bar is steel and offered in a sleek black Cerakote shaft with durable, smooth Duracoat sleeves.  
  • The bar is topped off with premium metal endcaps featuring unique designs and laser etchings of the barbell name and weight on the inside of the sleeves. 

If you want a specialty squat bar…  

Helios Squat Bar

The squat bar is another specialty barbell used by some associations (including the USPA) for some lifters. Squat bars have a thicker diameter (32mm) to add rigidity to the bar and minimize whip/flex during heavy loads for a more stable squat. If this is what you’re after, then make friends with the Helios Squat Bar. 

The Helios is a top-tier barbell with premium details and finishes; bushing sleeves; and a 1,500lb rating. As a squat bar, it also features a longer length (94.5" or 7.9’) to keep you and the weight plates from hitting the power rack uprights while racking or unracking the bar. And it’s heavier, weighing 25kg (55lbs).  

If the DIMs of a squat bar aren’t bonus enough, the Helios has a fully knurled shaft, which ensures maximum points of contact to create a secure connection to the bar. All the knurling! It’s deep knurling is cut into a mountain pattern (that’s the most aggressive style). General powerlifting knurl markings and a center mark make it easy to line up your position the same for every squat.

And like the deadlift bar, the squat bar comes in a black Cerakote shaft with Duracoat sleeves, making it truly the most stunning – and tough – squat bar possible.