How to Save Money on Gym Equipment

How to Save Money on Gym Equipment

Every day, it seems to get more expensive to exist. Scrambled eggs are no longer a cheap way to get some protein – they're a darn luxury.  

There’s really no better time to build a home gym. While the cost of a home gym may feel more expensive upfront, it quickly pays off and can become a money (and time) saver in the long run. No annual fees, sign-up costs, cancellation charges, monthly membership. And you get to keep something for the money spent; it doesn't just disappear into the gym rafters every month.  

And there are even more ways to save money on a home gym, too. Here are some ways to save money on gym equipment that you might not know about. 

1. Purchase a package.

Barbell and weight plates

You can build a legit, start-up home gym for around $1,500 (check out the different equipment packages), and slowly build it out over time as budget allows.

For example, the $1,499 Before the Barbell Package includes your choice of 20kg stainless-steel Gladiator Barbell or Deep Knurl Stainless Steel Power Bar EX; dumbbells between 5-30lbs; a power rack; X-light pull-up band; black bumper plates (160lb set); a pair of 2.5lb iron plates; a pair of 5lb Iron Plates; a 16kg kettlebell; a FB-3000 Flat Bench; and a set of Spring Clips.

2. Piece it out.

If that’s still beyond your budgie, there are tons of budget home gym products under $50. Mix and match based on your health and fitness goals and priorities.

3. Look for versatility.

Female lifter using the yoke

Another key is to invest in versatile equipment. Instead of a specialty piece, get something you can use in a ton of different ways.  

For example, the Oxylus Yoke isn’t a run-of-the-mill Strongman yoke. It’s a yoke + pull-up bar + deadlift carry + squat rack + sled. And it has 1” holes throughout that are compatible with many REP attachments, such as dip arms, a landmine, utility horns, spotter arms, J-cups, and leg rollers.  

Or instead of a regular trap bar, opt for an Open Trap Bar, which you can also use for neutral grip presses, floor presses, farmer’s carries, bent-over rows, push-ups, planks, Romanian deadlifts, rack pulls, shrugs – and without the front bar, you can use it for lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and more.  

Versatile is king when you’re on a limited budget.    

4. Sign up for REP Rewards.

There’s no reason to buy gym equipment without doing this. It’s free and easily earns you money to put toward more equipment.

REP Rewards is a loyalty program, where each dollar spent equals one point earned. You can redeem your points as money to put toward future purchases. Get $5 per 100 points earned (that’s $5 per $100 spent – or if you buy that $1,000 equipment package, you’ll have $50 extra to get some of those aforementioned gym products under $50).

Plus, you get 25 extra points just for signing up and another 100 points on your birthday. Want more freebies? Leave a review and get 25 points. Leave a review with a photo or video for 50 points. Like REP on Facebook – 25 points. Follow us on Instagram? You guessed it: 25 pointskies. Sign up for texts and not only will you be the first to learn about our newest, cool gear, but you’ll also get 50 easy points like bam.  

The points quickly add up.  

The loyalty program also has two tiers: the 10lb Plate Club and the 45lb Plate Club. When you create an account, you're automatically enrolled in the 10lb Plate Club and start earning perks in that tier right away. 

When you spend more than $7,500, you are moved into the 45lb Plate Club, which comes with the same perks as before, plus some new ones, like exclusive, early access to new products and sales. 

5. Tell your gym bros and brosephines.

Refer your lifting buddy to REP and they’ll get $10 off their first order of $100 or more. And you’ll also get $10 in points – for helping your friends get swole. For each referral. Let’s make the world stronker together (and help you get all the discounts).  

6. Never pay for shipping.

Boxes of gym equipment outside a garage

The worst part about ordering gym equipment online is it’s heckin’ heavy. It’s supposed to be. But the post office doesn't like that (or something), so shipping costs can be brutal.  

We don’t play that game.  

REP offers free shipping for the lower 48 United States. It’s all factored into the prices you see online so you won’t have any traumatizing surprises at checkout. Canadian purchases aren’t free, but prices are reduced to help offset shipping, and duties and taxes are included in the price upfront.

7. If possible, pick it up.

A row of adjustable benchesThe California showroom

Picking things up and putting them back down can build you a great deadlift – and save you money, if you live in California or Pennsylvania. REP has showrooms in both states. Shop in store and pick it up right then or place an order online and schedule a local pickup.

Either way, when you choose pickup instead of delivery, you get nice discounts: 10 percent off purchases up to $2,500; 12.5 percent off $2,500-$7,500; and 15% for all purchases above $7,500.  

That’s up to $250, up to $937.50, and at least $1,125 off, respectively. Even more, if you’re buying more. The local pickup savings can get wild.   

8. Get free programming.

Screen shot of a workout app

Your gym equipment is only as good as you put it to use, which is why we partner with several different workout programs. Through REP, you can get a training program for free or massively discounted. Here are the options:  

  • First month free with Future ($149 savings) 
  • 10 percent off membership for life with Juggernaut AI (about $35 savings for an annual membership, which includes a two-week free trial and two months free)  
  • Get $20 off a yearly subscription of Stronger by the Day (normally $99.99 a year after a free week trial – making it just $6.67 a month) 

  • 9. Ask about commercial pricing and buying in bulk.

Large, bulk orders may be eligible for discounts. Spend more than $10,000 and automatically get a 5% discount. Reach out to REP's team to learn more about commercial pricing and bulk discounts. 

10. Apply to be an affiliate. 

REP believes fitness is for everyone, so we don’t just limit our affiliates to professional athletes who already have access to sponsorships and world-class gyms. If you have a health/fitness blog, vlog, website, or social platform in the United States, you can apply to be a REP affiliate.

If you qualify (based on engagement, quality of traffic, and following), you can get your own link, discount code, and commission-based payouts. So you can save money using your own special code and make money when people use your link to buy their own equipment. The better you perform, the more discounts you can earn. Plus, affiliates can get first dibs on new product drops and get extra quick shipping times.  

11. Consider financing options.

Now, financing won’t save you money, but it can help you build out your gym if you’re on a budget and can’t make the payment today. Learn more about financing options here.  

12. Bottom line: 
We pride ourselves in offering the best value possible, from having cutting-edge designs that are sought after all over the globe, to same/next day shipping, to our awesome Colorado-based customer support team (who actually lift!). You won't find a 1-800 number; we are here as real people to help you choose your gear and to assist if anything comes up.