6 Differences Between the Original Ares™ Cable Attachment and the Ares™ 2.0 Cable Machine

Ares 2.0 vs Ares Cable Attachment

The original Ares™ cable attachment set a high standard, yet we decided to aim even higher. Drawing on two years of innovations and valuable customer feedback, we've crafted an upgrade that redefines excellence: the Ares™ 2.0 cable attachment. 

Let's explore what sets the Ares™ 2.0 cable machine apart from its predecessor. 

1. Seated Row and Lat Pulldown Enhancements 

Man working out on the Ares 2.0

One of the most exciting upgrades for the Ares™ 2.0 cable machine is with its integrated lat pulldown and seated row feature. The seated row’s cable point has been slightly elevated compared to the original, providing a more comfortable and functional workout position. This setup allows you the flexibility to perform exercises while seated comfortably on the floor or a bench, accommodating personal preference and promoting better form.

The dual-functionality of the lat and seated row cables supports a range of exercises, from isolation movements to standard straight-bar exercises, broadening the scope of workouts possible with just one machine. 

2. Redesigned Footplate 

Ares 2.0 footplate

A significant upgrade in the Ares™ 2.0 cable machine is the redesigned footplate. It now features an angled orientation that enhances foot positioning for a variety of exercises. The adjustability of the footplate for multiple starting positions adds a layer of customization that can cater to individual workout needs and preferences.

Additionally, the increased width of the footplate not only provides greater versatility but also accommodates lifters with larger feet, making the platform more user-friendly for more sizes of lifters. 

The central placement of the row cables between the legs, rather than on the outside, is a thoughtful design tweak that enhances comfort by eliminating the possibility of the cables bumping into your shoes. Moreover, the cutouts on the sides of the footplate allow you to precisely align the bench within the power rack. This design consideration allows for deeper positioning of the bench for both incline and flat exercises, optimizing the space and utility of the rack. 

3. Expanded Interior Space 

Man doing incline bench inside the power rack with the Ares 2.0

The weight stacks in the Ares™ 2.0 cable machine have been rotated 90 degrees and repositioned farther back. This adjustment creates more usable space inside the rack, facilitating a more comfortable setup for benching and the use of the Safety Squat Bar.

The relocation of the swiveling, front trolleys outside of the uprights is another critical improvement that offers more space and versatility. It accommodates lifters of different sizes and enables a greater range of motion, aligning more closely with the feel and functionality of a traditional, stand-alone functional trainer. 

4. Enhanced Swivel Functionality and Ergonomics

The original Ares™ attachment featured front trolleys with a 180-degree swivel capability, which was already a great feature for versatility. The Ares™ 2.0 attachment takes this a step further by extending this swivel feature to include the lat pulldown and seated row pulleys, as well.

This enhancement makes the movements more ergonomic -- bringing the functionality in line with high-end commercial cable machines for a premium experience. 

5. Upgraded Cables and Functionality 

The Ares™ 2.0 attachment boasts upgraded cables with a thinner coating, which not only enhances durability but also provides a smoother feel during use, improving the overall lifting experience. Additionally, the repositioning of the front trolleys' resting place from the top of the uprights to the bottom when not in use creates more accessible space on the rack. This change is particularly beneficial for taller lifters and allows for more efficient use of rack attachments. 

6. Additional Features for Convenience

To address common issues found in commercial settings, such as the misplacement of small add-on weights, the Ares™ 2.0 cable attachment incorporates 5lb add-on weights directly onto the weight stack. These weights, which offer the resistance equivalent of 2.5lbs (due to the 2:1 cable ratio), are built into the equipment, making them impossible to lose and always readily available for use. 

Overall, the transition from the Ares™ attachment to the Ares™ 2.0 attachment represents a significant leap in terms of innovation and user-centric design. Each enhancement has been thoughtfully integrated to improve the workout experience, demonstrating REP’s commitment to quality and user satisfaction. The Ares™ 2.0 cable machine raises the bar again, setting a new standard in the realm of gym equipment.