What is a Functional Trainer?

Lifter using a functional trainer

A functional trainer (also called a cable machine) is a super versatile piece of equipment whose resistance comes from cable pulleys attached to weight plates on one end and various attachments on the other. Unlike free weights, a functional trainer provides constant tension on the muscles when lifting and lowering the weight.  

REP offers multiple cable machine options:  

  • The FT-5000 2.0 is the largest, full, commercial-grade, stand-alone functional trainer with 21 height options and two 224lb weight stacks.  
  • The Arcadia™ functional trainer blends the best of both stand-alone trainers by being a similar size and price as the FT-3000 2.0, but with the weight capacity (if you select the add-on weight) as the FT-5000 2.0 -- plus 32 height options.  
  • The Arcadia™ Max functional trainer is a bigger version of the Arcadia™ trainer -- taller, wider, and heavier weight stacks with more trolley height options and even more built-on storage.
  • The Ares™ and Ares™ 2.0 attachments connect to a power rack for a small additional footprint and includes the most weight, a lat/low row feature, and the most attachments included. 
  • The Plate-Loaded Athena™ attachment connects to the side of your power rack for a small footprint and features a high weight capacity for a great value, assuming you already have weight plates.  
  • The Selectorized Athena™ attachment connects to the side of your power rack for a small footprint and includes easy-to-adjust, selectorized plates. 
  • The Wall-Mounted Athena™ cable attachment is a low-profile cable machine that integrates into a 5000 Series wall-mount fixed rack -- so you get the benefits of the Athena™ attachment with a minimal footprint.
  • The Adonis cable tower is a stand-alone, single-stack functional trainer with both a 1:1 and 2:1 cable ratio. You can make a double-sided trainer by combining two of these cable towers into one build. 

Why REP’s choose functional trainers?  

REP’s equipment is all designed by in-house engineers who are also weightlifters themselves. So they designed the functional trainers they want to (and do) use. Our engineers thought meticulously about every detail of these machines to make them as versatile as possible with the ability to upgrade as you grow.