How Do I Choose a Pre-Selected PR-5000?

Man lifting in home gym

So, you want the best power rack out there. The PR-5000 is your guy – and not just because we say so. This versatile rack was voted the 2022 Favorite Rack on Reddit r/HomeGym. And everyone knows Reddit is as honest as a 4-year-old child.  

There are two ways to get you the hookup.  

A screen shot of the PR-5000 rack builder

  • BYOR (build your own rack) on our virtual Rack Builder (shown above). This option is great for people who have a specific vision for the gym. 
  • Order a pre-selected PR-5000. This is for people who want to make it super simple. It’s also nice for those of y’all who feel overwhelmed or confused by the Rack Builder (no judgment here!).  

The pre-designs are a no-fail option; they were all carefully designed to have everything you need to get started.  

Choose between three pre-selected PR-5000s: entry-level, intermediate, and high-end with 4-post and 6-post options. Each level up features incrementally more attachments and offerings with different heights and depths.  

All pre-selected versions of the PR-5000 are: 

  • Heavy-duty, made with 3x3” 11-gauge steel with a 1,000lb rackable capacity. 
  • Versatile with 2” hole spacing throughout with 1” pinholes.  
  • Easy to use, with laser-cut numbers on every hole. This makes it easy to line up attachments and set up for your lifts.  
  • Precise and high-quality, finished with laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting all under one roof.  
  • Gorgeous. This rack will be the centerpiece of your home gym. 
  • Metallic black in color.  

Once you choose your configuration, you can choose either the entry-level, intermediate, or high-end attachment package. 

To make it even simpler still, here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you pick which of the pre-builds best fits your needs.  

If you’re on a budget... 

Entry-level PR-5000

Pick the 4-Post Entry-Level PR-5000. This is the least expensive and most basic option (although since it’s the top-of-the-line rack, it’s far from “basic”). This rack is 80” or 6’6” tall (the shorter option) and 30” deep (the middle depth option). It features a basic 1.25” Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-cups, and basic Pin-Pipe Safeties, as well as a Compact Logo Plate Crossmember (the thinner/smaller option).   

If you want upgraded options but have limited space...

The intermediate level 4-post PR-5000

Go with the 4-Post Intermediate Rack. This rack is taller (93” or 7.75’), so you have more space inside the rack (also a necessity if you’re tall). It’s the same depth, so it doesn’t take up more floor space. But the intermediate rack has some nice upgrades: a Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar instead of the single bar; Flat Sandwich J-cups to fully protect your barbell instead of the standard ones; and virtually noiseless Strap Safeties 2.0 instead of the metal pin-pipes.  


If you want the high-end options and attachments...  

The 4-post High-End PR-5000

Get the 4-Post High-End Rack. This guy’s tall (93” or 7.75’) but deeper than the other 4-post options. It comes with top-of-the-line fixin's: a gorgeous Logo Plate Crossmember, Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Flat Sandwich J-cups, and Flip-Down Safeties, which can also be used as a pulling platform. In addition, it includes three attachments: a Dip Station, Landmine Attachment, and versatile Band Pegs, for organizing accessories or to use with resistance bands.  


If you want a basic rack with weight storage... 

The entry-level 6-post PR-5000

You’ll want the 6-Post Entry-Level Rack. This 80” (shorter) rack takes the other entry rack’s 30” depth and adds 16” inches (and two more posts) so you can have built-in weight storage for your plates. It comes with the perfect Weight Storage Horn Set to make it happen, too.  

The 5000 Series weight horn set is made from urethane-coated, 1” diameter solid bar stock and includes three pairs of 6” horns and three pairs of 12” horns. In total, they can hold four 45lb bumpers totaling 180lbs or seven 45lb irons ( Equalizer™ plates) totaling 315lbs. This keeps your plates up and off the gym floor and doesn’t require an additional storage unit taking up more floor space.  

Other than that, it’s just like the other entry rack, with a Compact Logo Plate Crossmember, 1.25” Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-cups, and good, ol’ Pin-Pipe Safeties 


If you want upgraded options with weight storage…  

The intermediate 6-post PR-5000

Go for the 6-Post Intermediate Rack. This is just like the other intermediate rack – same 93” height, Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Flat Sandwich J-cups, and Strap Safeties 2.0 – plus two extra posts for weight storage. The two posts add 16” in depth to the power rack. As with the other 6-post racks, this comes with the full 5000 Series Weight Storage Horn Set that can hold up to 315lbs of iron plates.  


If you want the mother of them all...  

The high-end 6-post PR-5000

The 6-Post High-End Rack is the most stacked pre-selected PR-5000 you can order with one click. It’s tall (93”), deep so you have plenty of working space (41”), and it has an extra 16” in depth (thanks to two extra posts) for weight storage. The full 5000 Series Weight Storage Horn Set is included.  

It comes with even more storage, too: a Dual Barbell Hanger, so you have somewhere to stash your barbells. This attachment easily bolts onto your power rack – no additional wall space necessary. The rack also comes with Band Pegs, which slide into your uprights and can be used to organize bands, chains, and other accessories. You can also use Band Pegs for resistance band exercises.  

This package also includes all those upgraded options: a Logo Plate Crossmember, Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Flat Sandwich J-cups, and Flip-Down Safeties. Add to that two more attachments – a Dip Station and Landmine Attachment – and you’ve got the mother of all PR-5000 packages to make you swole.