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Round Sandwich J-Cups
Round Sandwich J-Cups - 4000
Round Sandwich J-Cups - 4000
  • Round Sandwich J-Cup Close Up of Stainless-steel REP Logo Plate
  • Round Sandwich J-Cup Side View
  • Round Sandwich J-Cup View of Back (Pin and dual-lock wraparound C-Cups )
  • Round Sandwich J-Cup Close up of Plastic Lining and Hardware on the Side





  • Is this compatible with my non-REP rack?

    Due to machining variables, we cannot guarantee compatibility with other non-REP products. 

  • What are the differences between these and the updated Round Sandwich J-cups 2.0?

    Cosmetics: The new cups have a metallic black finish with a stainless-steel backing, so the REP logo really pops. This is the reverse look of the original design.  

    Functionally: The new J-cups have an overall taller landing zone height, which allows for more surface area when re-racking. A smaller lip allows for easier re-racking, while still holding your barbell secure. The higher position on the pin from the C-cup makes it easier to install the J-cup, due to less rotation needed. And the new, single C-cup bracket instead of the previous dual brackets allows for ease of installation without compromising stability.

  • How do I know these are the j-cups for my rack or rig?

    Take a glance at our comprehensive comparison of each of them.

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