Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG)
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Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG)
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG) - 90kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG) - 110kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG) - 120kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (KG) - 140kg Set


The Competition Bumper Plates (KG) are REP’s top-tier bumper plates, ideal for Olympic weightlifting and cross-training/HIIT-style workouts, where dropping the barbell from overhead or shoulder height is common. These bumpers have a low bounce, max durability, and a zinc-coated steel disc insert. They’re made with an extra inner steel ring, which results in more durability and better absorption and dispersal of force. Furthermore, raised lettering and a raised rubber surface around the center disc limit metal-on-metal contact.

These plates are factory-tested to withstand more than 30,000 drops from a height of eight feet, and they have a five-year warranty. As competition plates, these have a strict weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams (0.25%), in accordance with the International Weightlifting Federation standard. And they are color coded per the IWF standards to allow for easy identification of how much weight is on the bar (red is 25kg, blue is 20kg, yellow is 15kg, and green is 10kg). Competition Bumpers also come in pairs and in pounds.

Plate Sets:

  • 90kg - One Pair: 20, 15, 10
  • 110kg - One Pair: 25, 20, 10
  • 120kg - One Pair: 25, 20, 15
  • 140kg - One Pair: 25, 20, 15, 10


  • Should I get bumper or iron plates?

    Bumper plates are manufactured to withstand drops onto the floor, which is desirable for Olympic weightlifting (such as snatch, clean and jerk, hang cleans), where you often drop the plates onto the ground. Iron plates are better for lifts that do not involve the weights hitting the ground (such as bench press, squats, and curls), because they can cause damage to the floor, the barbell, and to the plates themselves.

  • Do I need to do anything when I first receive the bumper plates?

    When bumper plates arrive, unpack them and let them air out for a few days to allow any odor, however faint, to fade.

  • What can I do to extend the life span of my bumper plates?

    To extend their life span, try to drop plates as close to straight down as possible. If your bar collars get loose during a workout, try to retighten them so your plates always land straight up and down. This will lessen the sideways force on the bumper plate insert. Also, flooring with some type of give (like heavy-duty rubber mats or a weightlifting platform) will help absorb some of the impact from dropping the plates.

  • Can I load bumper and iron plates on the same bar?

    We do not recommend this, because iron and bumper plates can have slightly different diameters, meaning all the force from dropping the weights goes into the larger plate, causing those plates and your barbell to wear more quickly. It is best to keep all plates on your bar of the same type.

  • What is the diameter of the insert?

    All our bumper plates have a 2” Olympic-standard inner diameter and will fit 2” standard barbells.

  • Do REP Competition Bumper Plates (KG) have a warranty?

    Yes, they come with a five-year warranty. Note: The warranty is void if the bumper plates are mixed with Hi-Temp Bumper Plates. Hi-Temps have a smaller diameter than regular plates, which means a bar loaded with a mix of REP's bumper plates and Hi-Temps will result in the bumper plates taking all the load, causing them to degrade faster.