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Delta Basic Bar
Delta Basic Bar - Bright Chrome / Bright Chrome
Delta Basic Bar - Bright Chrome / Bright Chrome
  • Male lifter getting ready to unrack a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar to perform  a back squat.
  • Close-up view of a REP Delta Basic Bar sleeve.
  • Close-up view of the Volcano knurling on the REP Delta Basic Bar.
  • Close-up view of where the REP Delta Basic Bar shaft meets the collar.
  • Close-up view of the REP Delta Basic Bar end cap sticker.
  • Male lifter performing a back squat with a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar.
  • Male lifter standing above a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar on an Olympic lifting platform.
  • Close-up view of a male lifter getting a grip on a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar on an Olympic lifting platform.
  • Male lifter performing a bent over row with a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar.
  • Male lifter performing a bench press with a loaded REP Delta Basic Bar.
  • Close-up view of one side of a racked and loaded REP Delta Basic Bar.





  • How does this bar differ from bars you’ve sold in the past?

    Our new line of barbells is our first, in-house, engineered lineup. Every part of these bars was designed by our Colorado-based engineering team to meet our specifications and to perform better than any bar we’ve ever carried.

  • How does this bar compare to others on the market?

    The Delta Basic Bar is a high-quality barbell ideal for entry-level lifters, as well as lifters looking for a basic barbell that’s incredibly versatile. With dual knurl markings, medium-depth knurl, and bushing sleeves, you can use the Delta bar for powerlifting, but it also doubles up as a mixed-use barbell. Read more here.

  • What coatings are offered for this bar?

    The Delta Basic Bar is available in a bright chrome finish on both the shaft and sleeves.

  • What is the difference between bushing and bearing sleeves?

    Both bushing and bearing sleeves produce sufficient sleeve rotation, whereas ball or needle bearings allow for a faster, smoother, quieter spin and have a more reliable turnover for maximum loads, which is a better fit for Olympic-style lifts. By comparison, a bushing sleeve is more efficient for powerlifting movements, which are slower and more strength focused.

  • What does “knurl style” mean?

    The knurling on a barbell is the crosshatch pattern on the shaft that increases the grip of your hands on the bar. There are three types of knurl styles on our barbells: hill, volcano, and mountain. Hill-style knurling is the most passive and won’t dig into your hands for lifts. It is a good option for training bars, but if you’re looking to max out, we recommend a bar with another style. Mountain is the most aggressive knurl style. You’ll see this style with most of our powerlifting barbells to provide the best grip for your one-rep maxes. The most common knurl style you’ll see on a lot of our weightlifting and mixed-use bars is volcano. Volcano knurling has a good amount of grip without tearing up your hands. Read more about knurling here.

  • What is the purpose of knurl markings on a barbell?

    There are two major standards for where to put knurl markings on a barbell: designed by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). The knurl markings allow athletes to set up properly for the lift and provide a visual for even hand placement on the barbell.

  • Are your barbells compatible with other branded plates?

    REP’s barbells are designed to work with any standard plates featuring 2” diameter center holes.

  • How much weight can I load on this bar?

    The Delta Basic Bar is rated for 700lbs.

  • Which barbell is best suited for me?

    This depends on the type of training you do and your goals. If you are not sure how to decide on a barbell, reach out to our team of passionate lifters here and we will help match you and your training style with a barbell. You can also check out this blog that compares REP’s various straight barbells.

  • How do I clean the protective oil on the barbell shaft?

    When your barbell arrives, there will be a light coating of oil on the shaft and sleeves. This is to protect the barbell from the elements during shipping. After a few uses, this light coating of oil will begin to dissipate. However, if desired, the best way to clean the barbell when it first arrives is to use a durable rag and a disinfecting wipe/cleaner that is free of harsh chemicals (such as bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or peroxide). For even more grip, we recommend using chalk.

  • How do I take care of my barbell?

    This bar is designed to last many years without anything more than 3-in-1 oil added for lubrication. Remove dirt or chalk from the knurling with a brush and oil on a microfiber cloth. If you have any issues beyond that, please reach out to our Colorado-based customer support team here.

  • Does the Delta Basic Bar have a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty.