Full-Body Cable Workout on the Ares™ Cable Machine

Woman lifting on cable machine

All you need is one power rack attachment, and you can get an incredible, full-body workout -- for lifters of all levels.  

Talk about an all-in-one piece of gym equipment. The Ares™ cable attachment is a fully integrated, functional trainer and lat pulldown/low row attachment that affixes to your existing PR-4000 or PR-5000 power rack.  

Not only does this save space, but it adds a ton of versatility and cable machine workout options to your home or commercial gym setup.  

Here’s a quick look at this unique cable crossover attachment, followed by an effective, full-body, strength-training workout inspiration to help you build muscle. The reps and sets may vary based on your unique goals, but 3 sets of 8 to 12 is a solid, go-to choice. You may also consider simply breaking up these exercises like:

  • upper body and lower body muscles 
  • or upper/mid and lower cable positions


What Distinguishes the Ares™ Cable Machine? 

Ares cable attachment

REP offers a variety of different functional trainer options, both stand-alone units and cable machines you can attach right onto your power rack. Here’s a look at the different options and how to pick the functional trainer that’s best for you.  

A few features that set the Ares™ cable machine apart:  

  • It comes with a lat pulldown and low row feature built in (not all cable machines do). 
  • It has a high weight capacity (620lbs with both sides) – higher than most.  
  • It has a small footprint for the versatility it packs. 
  • It comes with a good number of cable attachments/handles (footplate, rubber grip strap-style handle; a knurled, chrome lat pulldown bar; a low row bar (straight bar); and a connector banana), so you don’t have to buy them separately.  
  • It comes with four micro 2.5lb weights so you can make small jumps.  
  • It has a ton of cable positions – up to 35.  
  • The Ares™ features dual weight stacks that you can connect together or use individually for unilateral exercises.  

Want more info?

Here’s a video comparing the Ares™ cable machine to the Athena™ cable machine, another one of REP’s popular cable attachments.  

Full-Body Cable Workout on the Ares™ Cable Machine

Cables are for much more than just chest flies. If you have an Ares™ cable attachment, it’s easy to work out every muscle group. Here’s a sample full-body workout using just the Ares™ attachment.  

Trolley in a Low Position 

Shoulders: Front raise and side raises

Attachment: D-handle (comes with Ares™ attachment) 

How to do it:

Side raise on cable machine


Back: Low rows 

Attachment: Triangle Row or use the low row bar (essentially a straight bar) that comes with the Ares™. 

How to do it:

Seated row on an Ares


Legs: Cable goblet squats 

Attachment: Triangle Row

How to do it: 

Cable squats

Cable kickback 

Attachment: Ankle cuff 

How to do it

Glute kickback on cable machine


Hamstrings/glutes: Cable RDLs 

Attachment: Straight Bar 

How to do it:


Quads: Cable lunges 

Attachment: D-handle (comes with the Ares™ attachment) 

How to do it:

Standing cable hip adduction/abduction

Attachment: Ankle cuff 

How to do it:

Standing cable hip adduction/abduction


Biceps: Cable curls 

Attachment: Tricep Rope  

How to do it:

Cable curls on the Ares


Triceps: Overhead tricep extension 

Attachment: Tricep Rope 

How to do it:


Trolley in a Middle Position

Back/shoulders: Rear delt flies

Attachment: None needed. Can just hold the ball-end of the cable. 

How to do it: 

Rear delt flies on a cable machine

Cable pull-throughs

Attachment: Tricep Rope  

How to do it: 

Cable pull-throughsCable pull-throughs


Trolley in a High Position   

Back: Lat pulldowns  

Attachment: Lat pulldown bar (comes with the Ares™ attachment), Leg Roller to hold you in place, bench or plyo box to sit on

How to do it:

Ares lat pulldowns on a cable machine 

Chest: Cable flies 

Attachment: D-handles (come with the Ares™ attachment) 

How to do it(Can also do these from different heights)

Cable flies on a functional trainer


Shoulders: Face pulls 

Attachment: Tricep Rope  

How to do it:

Face pulls on a cable machine


Triceps: Standing overhead tricep extensions (single arm or both)

Attachment: None needed (although some people like to use the Tricep Rope)

How to do it: 

Overhead tricep extension on a cable  


Core: Wood choppers 

Attachment: D-handle (comes with the Ares™ attachment) or Sports Handle

How to do it:

Exercises on a cable machine


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