5 Great Benefits of Adding Adjustable Dumbbells to Your Gym

Adjustable Dumbbells

If you're deliberating whether to add adjustable dumbbells to your home or commercial gym, it's time to bury the debate. Here are five (of many more) benefits of adjustable dumbbells. 

Benefits of adjustable dumbbells

 1. Save space.

One pair of adjustable dumbbells takes the place of large sets of standard dumbbells. Depending on how high your adjustable dumbbells go, they could replace multiple rows and racks of dumbbells. So if you have limited space, adjustable is the way to go. 

2. Save time.

No need to walk back to the rack and put your dumbbells away as you change weight throughout your workout. Adjustable dumbbells with quick-change mechanisms make it super quick, easy, and effortless to switch between weight sizes.  

3. Save money.

While one pair of adjustable dumbbells is more expensive than one pair of standard dumbbells, it’s a ton less expensive than rows on rows of dumbbells. Especially if you snag a pair that's reasonably priced.  

4. Smaller weight jumps.

Adjustable dumbbells have a lower starting weight than a standard 45lb dumbbell, and they can offer smaller weight jumps (depending on which weight plates you have/if you have fractional plates for your bar). This can allow you to dial in your resistance more precisely.  

5. More exercise options.

Adjustable dumbbells open up a ton more exercise options. You can use them for unilateral work. And for many exercises, dumbbells have a larger range of motion than barbells.