Don't Miss These Fitness Industry Highlights at IHRSA 2024

REP Benches

Wherever fitness is the focal point, you’ll find REP. That includes the IHRSA 2024 trade show this March in Los Angeles.

Whether you’re attending the Global Health & Fitness Association’s annual event as a business looking for the best, newest strength equipment, or you’re hoping to learn more and network, we will see you there.  

Look for a REP Fitness booth at the IHRSA convention March 6-8.  

The IHRSA Fitness Conference 2024  

The IHRSA conference is a gathering of hundreds commercial fitness equipment companies, some that want to show off their latest gym equipment, as well as provide sneak peaks of their products to come.  

A big and growing trend in the fitness space: a greater emphasis on strength training for 2024.  

So, if you are headed to IHRSA to learn and invest more in strength-focused gym equipment, you don’t want to miss REP’s booth (#2500) in the sprawling exhibition space.  

Strength training has been REP’s focus from day one, and we are proud to be a leader in that movement – with award-winning equipment and the market’s best power racks, barbells, functional trainers (cable machines), weight benches, rigs, and more.  

REP barbells

At REP's booth, we will showcase what REP offers so you can clearly see why it rises above the rest in terms of quality, support, innovation, fulfillment times, and value.  

You’ll see some of our most popular gym equipment, as well as some of our newest offerings, such as the customizable and versatile Modular Storage System and the Athena™ side-mount functional trainer that attaches onto an existing power rack.  

Modular Storage System

We will also provide sneak peeks at new gym equipment releases to come; try them out before they even hit the market.   

Other IHRSA Trade Show Highlights 

In addition to checking out (and even trying out) the best gym equipment for your commercial gym, the IHRSA trade show connects participants with industry leaders with tips and success stories to share. Check out the keynote sessions and presentations for inspiration. 

And it’s only fitting for a fitness convention to offer some ways to break out a sweat. The IHRSA convention also offers classes and samples of fitness programs. So, you’ll leave inspired, informed, and maybe even a little sore – the perfect way to wrap up a convention specially designed for the world’s best health and fitness professionals.  

Learn more about the IHRSA 2024 event here.