Gift Guide for Functional Fitness Athletes

Gift guide for functional fitness

For a person who’s into functional fitness, the best box to open under the tree is, well, for a box. A "box" is what some lifters call their style of gym. And you can build one at home, with the right equipment. 

The best thing about a functional fitness home gym is that a wide variety of gear can be useful. But there are some staples that check the most boxes (again with the box puns). If you are interested in functional fitness, here’s what a pro CrossFitter and coach recommends: “Build Your Own Box.”  

Here are three highlights to consider:  


Two lifters using kettlebells
Kettlebells are incredibly versatile, especially for the kinds of training you need for functional fitness. Kettlebells come in a range of sizes, from 5lbs to 50 lbs.   

Medicine Balls 

Man doing wall ball throws

Medicine Balls are great for wall ball throws, a quintessential functional fitness move. These durable, hand-stuffed, soft balls are weighted and help train core, coordination, and explosive movements. They range from 4lbs to 30lbs.  

Gymnastic Rings  

Two wood gymnastic rings

Build core and upper body strength with Wood Gymnastic Rings. Rings come in two diameters: 1.11” (Olympic standard) and 1.25” (best for people with big hands – and most common in cross-training gyms). They also come with two strap lengths: 7.5’ and 14’.   

Want more home gym inspiration? 

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