Gifts for Bodybuilders

Lifter doing glute bridges

Bodybuilding training can include a ton of different equipment, so it’s hard to go wrong when shopping for a bodybuilder. Just as bodybuilders strive for symmetry and balanced muscles from traps to calves, a bodybuilding home gym should also aim for a balance of equipment.  

Dumbbells, a barbell, and a functional trainer (cable machine) can go a long way in terms of versatility. If you’re shopping for someone with a cable machine, your gift guide is easy. Find out what attachments they have and get them something they don’t.  

Here’s a closer look at cable attachments and their uses, featuring advice from a pro bodybuilder. For the ultimate cable attachment present, check out the Performance Package ($114), which includes five different attachments.  

If they don’t have a cable machine and that price point is out of your budget, here are some other good gifts for gains: 

Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells

You can always use another pair of dumbbells for your home gym, and the Hex Dumbbells start at $29.99 a pair. These are ideal because the hexagon heads keep them from rolling on the floor or shelves. Plus, the hex DBs go all the way up to 125lbs – higher than many commercial gyms. 

You can also get Hex Dumbbells in kilograms

Rackable Curl Bar

Curl bar from REP Fitness

This isn’t a regular curl bar; it’s a cool curl bar. That’s because the Rackable Curl Bar (starting at $199.99) is long enough to rack on a standard-width power rack. That makes it easier to load it with plates and more comfortable to get into position for lifts. The bend in the shaft allows for a semi-supinated grip, which limits stress on your upper-body joints. 

Adjustable Bench

REP Fitness adjustable bench

A quality adjustable bench is key for a ton of bodybuilding exercises, and the AB-5000 is like no other out there. This unique bench features ZeroGap™ Technology, which allows the seat to slide forward and backward to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pad in all positions. It comes in five colors and can be yours for $599.99.   

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