The Best Stand-Alone Storage Options for Your Home or Commercial Gym - 2024

The Best Stand-Alone Storage Options for Your Home or Commercial Gym - 2024

Order is the first step toward progress in fitness. A well-organized gym is a reflection of a disciplined mind. As the saying goes, clutter is the enemy of clarity.  

An organized gym also can save you time (no time wasted looking for attachments) and money (no need to re-buy things you’ve misplaced or let fall into disrepair).  

Gym Storage Options 

There are a ton of different ways to organize your gym.

First, start with a look at the ABCs of organization. Then, pick the storage solutions that match your space, personal preferences, and style.  

There are various types of storage to consider, including:  

  • Stand-alone storage 
  • On-rack storage (attaches to your power rack or rig to take up minimal extra space). This can also include attachments that that can double up for organization, such as Band Pegs, Utility Horns, and various lengths of Weight Horns.  
  • Wall-mounted storage  
  • Modular storage (build your own system) 

Stand-Alone Storage  

If you have the space in your home or commercial gym for stand-alone storage, there are a ton of different types. Here’s a look at different stand-alone storage options:  

Bar and Weight Plate Tree 

Bar and Weight Plate Tree

What is it? A freestanding unit featuring six total weight horns with both a front and rear barbell tube.  

What can it hold? Bumper and iron plates on every level; two barbells.  

More info: Each horn is chrome coated, so the plates can slide on and off easily. This also reduces flaking paint and protects your plates.  

Size: It has a weight capacity of 850lbs. It weighs 35lbs and is 24”(L)x24”(W)x50”(H). 

Horizontal Plate Rack 

Horizontal Plate Rack

What is it? A sturdy, 14-gauge steel storage rack featuring dividers for different sizes of plates and dual barbell tubes to hold two barbells.  

What can it hold? Weight plates and two barbells.  

More info: It has an ergonomic handle and wheels on one side that make it convenient to move around your gym. It’s finished with a durable, matte black powder coating. 

Size: The rack has a capacity of 550lbs of plates. It weighs 45lbs and is 53”(L)x15.75”(W)x11.5”(H).  

Dumbbell Rack 

Dumbbell Rack

What is it? A three-tier dumbbell rack providing heavy-duty storage with a space-saving design at an affordable price.  

What can it hold? Dumbbells. This rack is ideal for REP’s rubber hex dumbbells, although it works with REP’s round, urethane dumbbells, too. Dumbbell sets heavier than the 5-50lbs set will require a second rack due to the size of the weights.  

More info: The three-tier design has a smaller footprint than a two-tier rack, while providing the same utility. The shelves are sturdy, made from 11-gauge steel with a 1" lip to secure the dumbbells in place, while allowing quick and easy access. The powder-coated surface is highly durable, as well as aesthetic.  

Size: It has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs. Each rack is 23.4” deep with 42.5” of usable shelf length per level. 

Kettlebell Storage Rack 

Kettlebell Storage Rack

What is it? A rack with two tiers to store your kettlebells up off the ground, saving floor space.  

What can it hold? Kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, and other gym equipment.  

More info: Rubber feet help keep the rack in place and protect the floors, and rubber liners reduce noise and help prevent chipping the bottom of your kettlebells. The shelves are offset for easy loading and unloading of your kettlebells.  

Size: It has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs. The storage rack is 29.5”(H)x60”(L)x21”(D) and weighs 120lbs. 

REP 9-Bar Storage 

9-Bar Storage

What is it? A heavy-duty, floor storage unit that holds barbells vertically.  

What can it hold? Nine standard-sized barbells.  

More info: It’s made with 7-gauge steel, and the barbell tubes are extra tall, so the bars won’t bend outward. In addition, the bar holders are lined with plastic to protect your barbells. And a laser-cut REP logo on the side of the unit gives it a clean, professional finish.  

Size: The 9-Bar Storage weighs 40lbs and is 18”(L)x18”(W)x7.5”(H). 

Victory 2-Tier Dumbbell Rack 

Victory Dumbbell Rack

What is it? A stylish, two-tier dumbbell rack.  

What can it hold? 10 pairs of Urethane Dumbbells.  

More info: Its angled surface makes access easy, because you don’t have to twist your wrists when you remove and replace the dumbbells. The rack’s recesses keep dumbbells secure and in place. And a two-layer, electrostatic, matte black powder coating is aesthetic and durable.  

Size: The Victory rack is sturdy, weighing 100lbs. It’s 84”(L)x29.5”(H)x24”(D). 

Stand-Alone Modular Storage 

Stand-Alone Modular Storage

What is it? A heavy-duty, highly customizable storage built to last. Tailor your storage with a variety of upright colors and shelves. Build a stand-alone unit or a corner shelf unit within the builder. A corner shelf unit allows you to utilize the empty space between two units in a corner.  

You can infinitely expand our storage utilizing additional components or build between power racks. The storage is tough, made with 3x3" 11-gauge steel. The uprights feature 2” hole spacing for the 5000 Series and 1” hole spacing from hole numbers 1-20, transitioning to 2” hole spacing elsewhere for the 4000 Series. 

What can it hold? Depends on your build. The 41" length options include the dumbbell storage shelf, flat storage shelf, and the ball and plate storage shelf. The 72" length option is the reversible dumbbell and flat storage shelf. It is the same shelf, it just flips in the 3D Builder. 

More info: Check out this Stand-Alone Modular Storage System shopping list.  

Size: 60”(H)x50.6”(W)x30.1”(D)