4 Must-Have Pieces of Commercial Cardio Equipment

4 Must-Have Pieces of Commercial Cardio Equipment

No matter your age, athletic level, or goals, cardio is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. 

There's a ton of research backing this up. In addition to improving your strength, stamina, and general fitness, cardio can help fight off sickness, reduce health risks like heart disease and stroke, strengthen your heart, boost your mood, and help you live longer. 

The Mayo Clinic reports that "people who participate in regular aerobic exercise live longer than those who don't exercise regularly. They may also have a lower risk of dying of all causes, such as heart disease and certain cancers."

Needless to say, if you're building a commercial fitness facility, offering your members quality cardio equipment is a vital piece of the build. And that's why REP offers a solid lineup of cardio equipment for commercial gyms. 

REP is thrilled to be partnering with Intenza Fitness to bring high-quality cardio equipment exclusively to commercial facilities. Here's a look at why we chose to offer this line of equipment -- and the four must-have pieces of cardio equipment for a well-rounded commercial gym.  

Why Intenza Fitness? 

REP chose to work with Intenza because its missions and values are aligned. At the heart of Intenza’s vision: sustainable health and fitness solutions with a special focus on holistic health.  

Plus, the products are industry leaders. Intenza is known for pushing the boundaries and exploring new methods. Innovation is a cornerstone for Intenza – just like it is for REP.  

“Our success results from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries. Driven by innovation and inspired by technology, we design products that illustrate how our philosophy and DNA is applied to every step of the process,” Intenza states. “We create our own path with passion, and insight, to design exceptional, sustainable products.”  

Intenza products are made in a 100% energy-efficient factory in Taiwan – a one-of-a-kind in the industry. This means it consumes minimal resources, has a minimal environmental impact, is mindful of natural resources, and is guided by green building principles established by Taiwan’s National Council for Sustainable Development un the Ministry of the Interior.  

What does this look like? 

  • One of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry 
  • A fully solar-powered facility 
  • Recycled rain water 
  • More than 50,000 trees and shrubs planted around the factory 
  • And more   

How to Pick Commercial Cardio Equipment  

Intenza makes a variety of pieces of cardio equipment. Here’s a look at four must-haves for your commercial fitness facility: 

Commercial Treadmills 

550 Series Treadmill 

Commercial treadmills


The Intenza 550 Series Treadmill combines style with functionality, featuring a sleek, aluminum design and the latest technology for an exceptional running experience. This award-winning treadmill sets a new benchmark in fitness equipment, offering both outstanding performance and aesthetic appeal.  

Experience the difference with the Intenza 550 Series Treadmill – a perfect blend of design excellence and innovative engineering. 

450 Series Treadmill 

Commercial treadmills

Intenza 450 Series Treadmill offers a compact design without compromising on performance, power, or stability. It's engineered for both intense workouts and space efficiency, featuring a running deck large enough for serious runners.  

This treadmill not only performs well but also has a visually appealing design that enhances any fitness facility. It includes touch-sensitive controls and materials designed to improve the user experience. The 450 Series Treadmill combines practicality with sleek design, making it an excellent choice for dedicated training sessions.  

Commercial Ellipticals  

550 Series Elliptical  

Commercial ellipticals

Intenza 550 Series Elliptical Trainer offers an efficient and comfortable workout, designed to match your body’s natural movement patterns. It targets multiple muscle groups and provides a strong cardio workout while also improving core stability, balance, and coordination.  

This elliptical combines the benefits of running and stairclimbing into a low-impact exercise, making it easier on your joints. Ideal for anyone looking for a stress-free way to exercise, the 550 Series Elliptical is suitable for all fitness levels, providing a gentle yet effective workout. 

450 Series Elliptical  

Commercial ellipticals

Choose the
Intenza 450 Series Elliptical Trainer for a natural and comfortable workout experience. This elliptical is designed to feel like running outdoors, with a smooth, realistic pedaling motion. The handlebars are set at the perfect height to ensure a comfortable grip, and the motion of the machine is designed to closely mimic the way you move your legs when you run.  

It offers a smooth, low-impact exercise option that is easy on your joints while still providing a comprehensive workout. Upgrade your fitness routine with the efficient and comfortable Intenza 450 Series Elliptical. 

Commercial Recumbent Bikes 

550 Series Bike 

Commercial recumbent bikes

Intenza 550RBe Recumbent Bike combines top-quality design with practical features, focusing on performance and ergonomic support. It emphasizes comfort with its low seat and easy step-through design, making it simple to get on and off the bike, suitable for users of all abilities.  

Whether you're looking for a challenging workout or a more relaxed ride, this bike is designed to meet your needs. As a part of the 550 Series, it also features the signature Intenza design, a great fit for an upscale gym or fitness center. 

450 Series Bike 

Commercial recumbent bikes

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and intensity with the
Intenza 450 Series Recumbent Bike. Designed for people who want a challenging workout without compromising comfort, this bike features an ergonomically sculpted seat and a supportive backrest.   

Tailored for effectiveness and functionality, it's ideal for active seniors, yet it brings a new approach to exercise that appeals to both experienced athletes and beginners. Elevate your workouts with the Intenza 450 Series Recumbent Bike, where every element is thoughtfully designed for your health and comfort.  

Commercial Stairclimbers  

Commercial stairclimbers

450 Series Stairclimber

Step up to new heights in your fitness journey with the Intenza 450 Series Escalate Stairclimber, with its sleek and minimal design -- now available in a “hard black” colorway. This stairclimber boasts 20 adjustable step heights, ranging from 4-7.7" and inclines from 20 to 40 degrees.   

The stairclimber is complemented by the exclusive Landmark Program. This fun workout simulates climbing 31 iconic landmarks around the globe, for a comprehensive, full-body cardio workout that also emphasizes strength and endurance training. It's a great way to improve your speed and power – with a fun and engaging twist. 

Cardio Equipment Consoles

450 i2 Console 

Commercial bike console

Pair your cardio equipment with a console. 

The Intenza 450 i2S Console was crafted to merge a high-end design with straightforward functionality. Featuring a clean white LED backlit display and a simple user interface with just three buttons, this console is easy to use without sacrificing sophistication. The precision Uni-Dial™ places control right in your hands, allowing access to all features at any point during the workout.  

The console is housed in a sturdy, laser-etched aluminum frame with anti-slip, beveled edges. In addition to premium materials and attention to detail, the console offers effective, versatile, all-terrain programs to follow. Whether you're looking to level up your workout routine or take on a new fitness challenge, the Intenza 450 i2S Console is a great training partner.  

450 i2 Console

The Intenza 450 i2 Console combines practicality with performance, offering a premium, user-friendly workout experience. Designed for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts, it features a straightforward design with high-quality materials and an intuitive interface. Its 12” LCD display provides clear, easy-to-read workout information, while the Uni-Dial™ allows users to easily access and control all features without interrupting their session. 

In addition, the console includes a screensaver function for displaying messages or connecting with the community, making it a useful tool for gyms and clubs to engage with members. It also has a USB port for uploading images and installing software updates, along with wifi capability for automatic service diagnostics, ensuring the machine stays up-to-date and operational with minimal effort.