The Athena™: The Best Side-Mount Functional Trainer for Your Gym

Athena Side-Mount Functional Trainer

The Athena™ Side-Mount Functional Trainer is a game-changing cable machine for your PR-4000 or PR-5000 power rack. Elevate your workouts with this low-profile cable attachment, designed to provide unparalleled versatility and functionality without the need for a bulky standalone unit. 

Key Benefits of the Athena™  

Man lifting on an Athena Side-Mount Functional Trainer

Functional Training: The Athena™ Side-Mount Functional Trainer offers the full functionality of a cable machine, enabling you to target specific muscle groups, accessories, and isolation work like never before. 

Space-Saving Design: Say goodbye to the space constraints of standalone cable machines. The Athena™ seamlessly integrates into your power rack, maximizing your workout space. 

Cost Effective: Compare and save. The Athena™ attachment offers a lower price point and a smaller footprint compared to the Ares™ attachment, although the Ares™ does include a lat pulldown and low row and the Athena™ doesn’t. 

2:1 Pulley Ratio: Experience the efficiency of a 2:1 pulley ratio, making 20lbs feel like 10lbs – perfect for functional training enthusiasts. 

Customizable Functionality: The Athena™ offers the freedom to configure your rack's functionality with left, right, or dual-sided setups, providing endless workout possibilities. 

Sturdy and Secure: The patent-pending design features a trolley for versatile cable work at any height on the upright, ensuring your safety and convenience. The oversized pop-pin and added security pin guarantee hassle-free adjustments. 

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, the cables are made from galvanized wire with a raw steel core, while the pulleys are built from robust aluminum, with 180-degree swivel front pulleys for maximum versatility. 

Resistance Bands Compatible: Enhance your workouts by attaching resistance bands to the integrated band pegs on the base and headplate. 

Attachment Ecosystem: The Athena™ comes with a urethane D-handle attachment and is compatible with a wide variety of cable attachments, allowing you to diversify your exercises. It's even compatible with the Lat Pulldown and Low Row attachment. 

Choose Your Style 

Man lifting on the Athena

Tailor your setup to your preferences. Select between a plate-loaded version with 10.6" loadable weight horns and a 540lb max capacity (feels like 270lbs) or a selectorized version with 170lb weight stacks (feels like 85lbs), upgradeable to 220lbs (feels like 110lbs). 

In addition, there are four different ways to get the Athena™ into your gym: The Athena™, The Athena™ + Rack, The Athena™ + Weight Storage, and The Wall-Mounted Athena™. 

  • The Athena™ configuration is for lifters who already have a 6-post power rack with 16” weight storage crossmembers or a 5000 Series 4-post 16” rack (only compatible with the selectorized Athena™). This purchase includes the Athena™ only.  
  • The Athena™ + Rack configuration is for lifters who don't have a rack and need to build out everything. You can choose a plate-loaded or selectorized Athena™ for this. 
  • The Athena™ + Weight Storage configuration is for lifters who already have a 4-post rack and want to expand to a 6-post rack with the Athena™. This purchase would include the Athena™, Weight Storage Uprights, and Weight Storage Crossmembers.  
  • The Wall-Mounted Athena™ is for lifters who wants the ultimate space-saving option (only for the 5000 Series Selectorized Athena™), as the bulk of a freestanding power rack or cable machine is no longer there. 

Elevate your fitness journey with the Athena™ Side-Mount Functional Trainer, your go-to tool for building strength and achieving your fitness goals. Experience the ultimate in-home gym customization today.