Pull-Up Bar Comparison Guide

A pull-up bar on a power rack

It’s more than just a simple horizontal bar. There are actually a surprising number of variables that go into a pull-up bar – from the width to the material to the shape to the angles. Which style of pull-up bar you pick depends on your goals, home gym set-up, and your preferences.

 Here’s a look at REP’s 10 different types of pull-up bars and what makes each one uniquely beneficial.  

1.25” PULL-UP BAR 

A pull-up bar from REP

What? The 1.25" Pull-Up Bar is a basic, straight pull-up bar that attaches inside your power rack.

Why? It adds a pull-up bar to the inside of your rack, providing more options without taking up more space. Use it for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and as an attachment point for bands, rings, or straps.

Who? This is for people who just want a standard pull-up bar that's compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo  half rack.  


Wall or ceiling mount pull-up bar

What? The Wall or Ceiling Mount Pull-Up Bar is a standard pull-up bar: 1.25” thick, straight, coated in a nonslip powder coating.

Why? This adds a basic pull-up bar to your home gym, no matter the type of power rack you have (or if you have one at all).

Who? Per the name, this pull-up bar can attach to the wall or ceiling, making it an incredibly flexible addition to any gym. No specific power rack required.  


Pull-Up Bar Connector

What? The Pull-Up Bar Connector is a simple, 1.25” thick, 6’ long crossmember that connects two different power racks together.

Why? It adds utility to the otherwise wasted space between racks.

Who? This is best for commercial gyms or larger home gyms with multiple power racks where you want to be able to train with multiple people.  


A thick 2 inch Pull-Up Bar

What? The 2” Pull-Up Bar is a thicker bar to attach inside your power rack.

Why? The thicker width provides an additional grip challenge, a step up from the regular pull-up bar.

Who? This is great for more experienced lifters and people looking to improve their grip. It’s compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo ™ half rack


Raw pull-up bar

What? The Raw Pull-Up Bar is bare steel, instead of the regular power-coated finish. This bar is 1.25” thick and straight.

Why? Raw steel provides a more secure grip due to the pitted texture. It requires less chalk, which means fewer torn callouses.

Who? Some people prefer the feeling and the aesthetic of raw steel. The Raw Pull-Up Bar fits inside your larger-scale power rack (PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, Apollo ™ half rack).  


Multi-grip pull-up bar

What? The Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar features multiple grip options: a standard, 1.25” thick straight bar; a 2” thick bar in the back; and 1.25” angled and neutral grips.

Why? You can challenge your grip and pull-ups in different ways: traditional, neutral, close, wide-grip, and thicker grip. These options allow you to work various muscle groups and different angles.

Who? This bar is great for lifters who want a ton of versatility. You can also attach the bar inverted to accommodate low ceilings and add nothing to the rack’s height. This is compatible with PR-4000 and PR-5000 power racks.  


Wall-mounted multi-grip pull-up bar

What? This is the same style of pull-up bar as the Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, with multiple grip options and angles.

Why? This is all about versatility and new ways to push yourself. But this bad boy can be mounted on the wall either normally or inverted, if you want more ceiling space or to accommodate shorter athletes.

Who? This bar is for athletes who want the multi-grip option but want to attach the bar to the wall because they either don’t have a power rack that’s compatible with the regular Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar; want another bar in their rack; or don’t have a power rack at all.    


Globe front mount pull-up bar

What? The Globe Front Mount Pull-Up Bar provides a ton of different 1.25” grips, from neutral to close to wide, plus small and large globes to hold onto. Because pull-ups on a bar aren’t hard enough.

Why? The different grip distances and the 3.1” and 4” globes all hit different muscles, provide added challenges, and improve your grip. 

Who? This bar levels up pull-up difficulty and really pushes your grip. It adds versatility for lifters with a PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, or Apollo ™ half rack, without taking up any extra space in your home gym.  


Globe side mount pull-up bar

What? This bar has the same style and functionality as the Globe Front Mount Pull-Up Bar.

 The globe-style bar packs a lot of versatility into a small space.

Who? This version of the globe pull-up bar is for people who don’t want to attach their pull up bar to the front of their power rack and instead want it on the side.  


Oxylus Yoke from REP Fitness

What? This is a pull-up bar – and so much more. The Oxylus™ yoke can be used as a squat rack, sled, deadlift carry, and Strongman yoke. You can add a pull-up bar to the frame, which adds 30lbs to the yoke.

Why? The Oxylus™ yoke is like the world’s greatest gym GoBot that can transform into so many different incarnations. The pull-up bar adds one more layer of use.

Who? This is great for Strongman athletes, as well as other lifters who want a yoke with multiple functions.