Elevate Your Home Gym with the Arcadia™ Functional Trainer

Lifter exercising on the Arcadia™

Looking to bring a slice of the gym to your home -- but don't have a ton of space? REP Fitness has a new trick up its sleeve – the Arcadia™ functional trainer. This powerhouse not only brings the commercial-grade vibes in a small package, but it also gives your home gym the edge it deserves. 

Pump Up the Power 

This full, versatile trainer features a 2:1 ratio (moving 100lbs feels like 50lbs), perfectly suited for functional training. With dual weight stacks that max out at 170lbs each, you're looking at a grand total of 340lbs. And if that's not enough (we know, some of you are just superhuman), you can level up to a whopping 220lbs per stack for an eye-popping 440lbs. 

The plates are made from tough, hot-rolled steel to guarantee consistent and long-lasting weight. Want to get precise? The 5lb add-on weights are like your gym's secret weapon, allowing for micro-adjustments.

For the ultimate flex, throw some bands on the integrated band pegs and hit that mega resistance of 540lbs. Selecting your stack is a breeze with magnetized pins, and a whopping 32 positions give you all the versatility and range of motion you could ever wish for. 

Tough as Nails 

Lifter working out on the Arcadia

The Arcadia™ functional trainer doesn't mess around. Its cables are constructed from high-quality galvanized wire with a raw-steel core that's tougher than nails. The pulleys are made from robust aluminum, and they've got a 180-degree swivel, so you can hit whatever angle you want.

Plus, the patent-pending trolleys are lightweight but packed with high-end features, like plastic liners, knurled handles, and oversized pop-pins. 

The trainer also features laser-cut numbers on the front of the uprights, making it easy to line up your attachments. And to hit different muscles, check out the various pull-up options integrated right into the trainer’s multi-grip pull-up bar.

REP even throws in two urethane D-handles with nylon straps to connect to the cable, but this trainer is compatible with a whole bunch of other attachments too. 

Storage Goals 

Arcadia's storage system

For you organized gym rats, the Arcadia™ functional trainer has three heavy-duty, laser-cut pegboards that can each support 150lbs. They come with nine 4" and three 6" pegs for storing all your attachments, bands, and straps. 

And then there's the looks – the Arcadia™ functional trainer is decked out in a premium metallic black powder coating that's chip and rust-resistant. We've even added some high-end touches like stainless-steel end caps with debossed mountain logos. This machine is more than just gym equipment; it's a work of art (that will get you super jacked). 

So, if you're ready to level up your home gym, the Arcadia™ functional trainer is your golden ticket. Say goodbye to the gym commute, and hello to your new fitness haven.