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Safety Squat Bar
Safety Squat Bar - Default Title
Safety Squat Bar - Default Title
  • Back view of Safety Squat Bar pad with REP logo while in use.
  • Loaded Safety Squat Bar racked on j-cups on a REP Yoke.
  • Lifter with a loaded Safety Squat Bar at the top of a squat outside of a REP Yoke.
  • Lifter sliding a bumper plate on the hard chrome sleeve of a racked Safety Squat Bar.
  • Lifter unscrewing one of the knurled handles of the Safety Squat Bar while it's racked.
  • Lifter performing a lunge with a weighted Safety Squat Bar.
  • Lifter using a loaded Safety Squat Bar to perform a front squat outside of a REP Yoke.
  • Close-up of a knurled safety squat bar handle.





  • Will it fit other brand's racks?

    The REP safety squat bar is designed to be rackable on the standard 47” width of REP’s racks, as well as racks with up to a 49” width. It will sit flush and secure and not tilt your j-cups in.

  • Are REP's barbells compatible with other brand's plates?

    Our barbells are designed to work with any standard plates with 2” diameter center holes.

  • How does the Safety Squat Bar ship?

    It ships in two packages: one box for the bar and handles, and one box for the pad.

  • Does the Safety Squat Bar come fully assembled?

    No, some assembly required, but it is minimal and easy. The pad will need to slide over the bar into place and be Velcroed in the back. The handles need to be screwed into the main bar shaft. Total assembly time is about 5 minutes.

  • Do the sleeves rotate?

    No. One of the benefits of a SSB is it loads your body in a different way than a standard barbell. However, the vertical path of the barbell should remain unchanged from a standard squat. If the plates rotate while using a SSB, that can cause instability, which is not what you want when squatting heavy!

  • Does the Safety Squat Bar have a warranty?

    Yes, there is a lifetime warranty* for the bar and a 1-year warranty for the pad.

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