Ares FAQ

Ares Cable Attachment FAQ:


Q: Which racks will this work on?
A: PR-5000v2 and PR-4000 racks in both 80" and 93" heights, with any depth. You must have the 16" weight storage crossmembers however.

Q: What weight will the stacks be?
A: 250 lbs on each stack is included, with optional 50 lb add-ons available.

Q: Release date?
A: 2022 Q1. We will have a more definitive date once our initial production run passes inspection. Pre-orders will launch before then, so keep an eye on our social media to ensure you have yours reserved.

Q: Are you confident the first production run will go well?

A: Our entire product development process has been heavily revamped in the past year, with a lot of attention put towards ensuring our initial release is as close to perfect as possible. That includes multiple rounds of prototyping and testing in-house by our engineering team in Colorado, followed by external focus group testing by meatheads and other passionate lifters with a wide variety of experience. Finally, production is closely monitored on-site by our QC team, and then full-assembly testing prior to packaging. Basically, we want to get it right the first time and ensure you get as much enjoyment out of using our products as we do in designing them and using them in our employee gyms.

Q: Expected price?
A: It will be approx $2499-2999 including shipping. This does not include the power rack needed. Final price heavily dependent on cost of steel and shipping containers at the time of production.

Q: Dang, that's more what I thought it would be.
A: It's a better value than you might initially think. Add up the cost of a selectorized lat/low row machine plus a functional trainer with over 200 lb stacks.  Now add the feature of twin handles to the lat/low row, and make it fit inside your already-existing power rack footprint. You can see that even the most inexpensive options available on the market will cost you more than the Ares system, and yet not offer the same level of quality and features we include.

Q: I'm still not sold. What other features can you tell me about now?

  • Twin handles for the lat/low row can be joined together to utilize the full 250 lbs of both stacks at once (or 300 lbs with upgrade).
  • 2:1 ratio. Ex. 100 lbs is 50 lbs of effort.
  • Our attachments that join the handles also have hooks to allow adding your own attachments designed for single-cable (rather than our dual cable) lat/low row machines .
  • High-quality hard chrome handle attachments made to our specs included.
  • 5 lb micro-adjustment plates included
  • Magnetic pin for secure weight plate selection
  • Aircraft grade cables for smooth pulls
  • Aluminum pulleys for ultra-durable long-lasting use
  • Delrin-lined pulley carriage for smooth adjustment along the uprights
  • Adjustable footplate to ensure a full stretch for low row
  • UHMW-lined lat bar catch to protect coating on the bar
  • Plenty of cable travel for standing well outside the rack and doing flys
  • Upright holes are used for carriage height adjustment, which translates to more adjustment points and higher starting point than most functional trainers
  • Thoughtful design allows any of our j-cups or safeties to be utilized


Q: That's cool, but I'm still not sure it's worth the cost. Do you have any other cable attachments in the works?

A: Yes. The Ares Cable Attachment is our "Cadillac" option, but we have several others in the works that will cost less, including plate-loaded variations, functional trainer attachment without the lat/low row, and selectorized lat/low row. Basically if it's a cable and a weight stack, it's in the works with expected launches throughout 2022.

Q: I was thinking about (or I currently have) your plate-loaded lat/low row, but will I have to sell it to make this work?
A: The Ares attachment is a complete lat/low row and functional trainer, so there would be no need for our current lat/low row attachment. That said, if you currently have that attachment or are thinking about purchasing it, we will have separate functional trainer attachments coming later in 2022 that will be compatible with our current lat/low row. We would expect the standalone functional trainer attachment cost combined with the cost of our current lat/low row to be significantly less than the Ares.

Q: Do you have other power rack attachments coming out soon?
A: Yes, quite a few. Details and videos for those will be released as we get closer to launch.

Q: Will this attachment work with my "insert other brand" rack?
A: We only guarantee compatibility with our own power racks. REP has a team of in-house engineers working on unique and innovative designs, and while we understand it's a pain in the butt to sell a rack and get a new one, we feel the investment into our power rack ecosystem will be well worth the time and effort given the number of great attachments we're going to be releasing on a continuous basis. We think our team of fitness enthusiast engineers combined with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities is a winning combination that will pay off for our customers.

Q: Is the product in the video the final production product?
A: No, it's a prototype but very close to the final product. About 90% there.

Q: Any major things going to be different?
A: The most noticeable difference is that the shroud will have a REP-only logo without the mountain design. The mountain may be a limited-edition option. We may also cut slits into the shroud to better see the weight stacks in action.

Q: What power rack finish is ideal for smooth adjustment of the functional trainer carriage up and down the upright?
A: The raw clear coat and metallic black finishes are the best, followed by our hammertone colors. Those all allow one-handed adjustment up and down the uprights with ease. Matte black has the most friction and is least preferred. It still works well and will allow one-handed adjustment, however it will not be as buttery smooth as the other finishes.