The Best Way to Store Workout Equipment - 2024

The Best Way to Store Workout Equipment - 2024

Just in time for the new year, REP Fitness has unveiled a cutting-edge product that fuses two of the top resolutions: improving fitness and getting more organized.  

The gym industry has never seen storage like this before. The Modular Storage System is hyper-customizable and versatile storage that you can mix and match to build a unique storage solution for your home or commercial gym.  

Launching in January, this storage marvel blends seamlessly with REP cable systems, racks, and rigs. What sets it apart? Impeccable quality, endless configurations, and a price point that won't break the bank.  

But the Modular Storage System isn't only about storing your gear; it's part of a fitness revolution. Choose to integrate right onto your existing rack or rig, taking up minimal space -- even if you have on-rack cable attachments. Or expand your rack to the sides with shelves that attach to the outside of existing uprights. If space allows, the Modular Storage System can also stand alone.  

Moreover, this storage adds functionality; it works with accessories, like weight horns and dip attachments. Gym organization has never been so easy, personal, and functional.   

"At REP, we love to do things a little differently, with versatility at the core of our innovations," says Shane McGrotty, co-founder. "So, we wanted to make the most customizable yet accessible gym storage system on the market. We’re confident we’ve succeeded in that goal with our new Modular Storage System." 

Say goodbye to gym chaos. Explore the Modular Storage System and its game-changing components here and see why our in-house weightlifting engineers invested more than a year in crafting this innovation. It's time to elevate your fitness space to new heights.