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Customers who purchased an Open Trap Bar before 11/15/2022, please contact us for new handles. Additional handles can be found here: Open Trap Bar Handles.

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Add variety to your training with the REP Open Trap Bar. It’s designed to place the weight directly in line with your center of gravity instead of in front like a traditional barbell. Its neutral handle placement makes deadlifting much less technique intensive, while its open design allows for a versatile range of movements like squats, lunges, and presses. The bar features an integrated deadlift jack that makes loading and unloading the bar easier, featuring plastic liners on the feet to protect your floors. The jack also acts as a counterweight to keep the bar beautifully balanced. Weighing in at 58.4lbs (not including the handles), the bar features a round tube frame which makes it comfortable to use as a cambered bar for both pressing and squatting. The frame features a 6” section of medium-light knurling to add grip when squatting.

The textured matte black powder coat is not only sleek, but also provides an added level of grip. The REP Open Trap Bar features fully knurled, stainless-steel handles, except the Rotating Handles, which are steel with a hard-chrome finish. All handles are not only removable, but also removable quickly. Choose the handles that will give you the best width inside the bar: Narrow (23”), Standard (25”), Wide (27.3”), Rotating (24.6"), or get multiple handles to switch up lifting angles and add versatility to your training. All the handles feature a 28mm diameter, while the rotating handles also feature a 38mm and 48mm handle. The bar's sleeves are plated with hard chrome, a durable premium coating that stands up against sliding plates on and off. The bar is also rackable. Even on wide, 49” racks, the bar will sit flush and secure. Leg day is coming! Are you ready?


Open Trap Bar Informational
  • Bar Use
  • Bar Frame Weight
  • Handle Pair Weight
    17.2lbs (Narrow); 15.9lbs (Standard); 12.8lbs (Wide); 34.0lbs (Rotating)
  • Overall Length
  • Length From Collar To Collar
  • Loaded Height Of In-Line Handles
    8.3" From Floor To Center
  • Loaded Height Of High Handles
    11.3" From Floor To Center
  • Width Of Frame Interior (Handles Removed)
  • Width From Handle To Handle
    23" (Narrow); 25" (Standard); 27.3" (Wide); 24.6" (Rotating)
  • Length Of Knurl On Frame
  • Static Rating




    The open-sided frame allows the lifter to step in and out of the bar and doesn’t limit the lower body range of motion. This makes the bar functional for a wide variety of movements, such as lunging and carrying.


    By tilting the bar up on its feet, the built-in deadlift jack makes it much easier to load and unload plates. And plastic liners on the feet protect your floor when the bar is in the upright loading position.


    Choose handles that will give you the best width inside the bar: Narrow (23”), Standard (25”), Wide (27.3”), and Rotating (24.6"). Get a variety of widths to add versatility to your training. They are very easy and quick to change out.


    The frame is comprised of round tubing making the bar comfortable to use for pressing and squatting. The 6” knurling provides a solid grip to help stabilize the bar on your back while squatting.


    The distance between the sleeve collars allows for easy racking and unracking. Even on wide, 49” racks, the bar will sit flush and secure.


    The hard chrome sleeves are a premium coating that’s durable when sliding plates on and off. The bar also features our signature textured matte black powder coat which not only looks great but provides extra grip for presses.


  • Which Open Trap Bar handles should I choose?

    Narrow (23” handle to handle) are recommended for people with smaller frames or lifters who want to lift using a narrower hand placement. Standard (25” handle to handle) are standard for most trap bars on the market. They will work for all-sized lifters. Wide (27.3” handle to handle) provide a wider hand positioning for people who have broader shoulders or want more upper back and trap activation. Rotating Handles (24.6” handle to handle) are recommended for those wanting different diameter handles to focus on grip strength. The Rotating Handles offer 28mm, 38mm, and 48mm diameter handles. Get multiple sets of handles to switch up lifting angles and add versatility to your training. The handles are quick to remove and easy to switch out between sets.

  • What is the material and finish of the handles?

    The narrow, standard, and wide handles are stainless steel. The rotating handles are steel and feature a hard-chrome finish.

  • How much does the Open Trap Bar weigh?

    The Open Trap Bar frame has a base weight of 58.4lbs. The total weight will depend on which handles are attached to the frame: 75.6lbs (Narrow), 74.3lbs (Standard), 71.2lbs (Wide), 92.4lbs (Rotating).

  • How many plates can I fit on this bar?

    The useable sleeve length is 16.5", which can fit 10 standard 45# iron plates per side, or 5 standard 45# bumper plates per side.

  • Will this bar fit other brand racks?

    The Open Trap Bar is designed to be rackable on a standard 47” wide REP rack, as well as other racks with up to a 49” width. It will sit flush and secure and not tilt your J-cups inward.

  • Does the Open Trap Bar require assembly?

    Yes. The sleeves and handles need to be bolted to the frame. A 10mm Allen Wrench is included with the frame to secure the handles. You will need a separate 17mm combination wrench and use the box end to secure the sleeves to the frame (17mm wrench not included). Total assembly time is about ten minutes.

  • How does the Open Trap Bar ship?

    It ships in two packages, one for the frame and another for the handles. The packages will either ship ground or freight depending on the size of the total order.

  • Which REP barbell storage options are compatible with the Open Trap Bar?
    The REP 9-Bar Storage and the Horizontal Plate Rack are both great options for storing the Open Trap Bar.

  • Does the Open Trap Bar come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Open Trap Bar comes with a five-year warranty.