What Makes the FT-3000 2.0 Stand Out From Other Cable Machines?

The FT-3000 2.0

There’s a reason why bodybuilders love cable machines: They’re versatile (with about a zillion attachments) and incredibly effective. Cables provide a different stimulus than dumbbells and barbells, because they provide constant tension on the muscles – when lifting and lowering the weight.  

The why is obvious. A tougher question is which cable machine to pick.  

The FT-3000 has long been the go-to, stand-alone cable machine for gyms with limited space. It offers commercial-grade quality but in a compact package. At only 34” deep (2.8’), the trainer is small enough to fit through a standard doorway. It weighs less, too: 770lbs instead of 1,001lbs for the full-size.   

Now, there’s another option for gyms with limited space, too: the FT-3000 2.0. Here’s what makes the FT-3000 2.0 stand out from other cable machines:  

The FT-3000 2.0

Compact size: The biggest (er, smallest) benefit of the FT-3000 2.0 is its size: 34”(D)x78”(H), with a tapered width. The front is 52” wide and back is 23” wide.   

Stand-alone design: Whereas the Ares and Athena are cable machine attachments you add onto your existing power rack, you aren’t required to have (or use) your rack with the FT-3000 2.0. The Ares and Athena are also only compatible with 4000 and 5000 Series racks, so if you have and love a different series rack, the FT-3000 2.0 allows you to add cables to your home gym without needing to get a whole new power rack.  

No need for weight plates: Because the stand-alone functional trainer is selectorized (meaning it comes with built-on weight stacks), you don’t need to have a bunch of weight plates to use it. This can be useful if you don’t use barbells, don’t have the space or money for plates, or prefer a quicker and easier loading option. 

The weight stack for the FT-3000 2.0

Greater range of motion: The 2.0 version of the compact functional trainer has more holes than the original version, and the handles can go higher than before. The lowest position is similar, but the smaller trolleyadditional holes, and new cable ending on the 2.0 allows for a greater range of motion from the bottom position. This greater range of motion means more exercise variations/height options, especially beneficial for tricep pressdowns and bicep curls for people taller or shorter than average.   

Sleeker design: A compact, beautiful design was already a feature on the original FT-3000, but the 2.0 version has an even sleeker bod. We removed the original shrouds and elevated its aesthetic.  

More exercise options: The FT-3000 2.0 boasts 21 different cable positions instead of the original 16. This allows for more customization and natural movements, especially when working smaller muscles. The 2.0 also has a new, welded ring on the end of the cables, which you can use as an additional grip option. The ring also makes it easy to attach and remove a carabiner and swap the carabiner for different attachments.  

Extra security: No one wants their trolley slipping out of position mid-lift, so in addition to a magnetic-tipped pin, the 2.0 machine has an extra pin for the trolley to really lock that sucker in place.  

Improved trolley: The trolley is lighter and slimmer than the original machine, with no rollers, reduced material, and a repositioned handle, which all comes together to make it quicker and easier to adjust, as well as contribute to the greater ROM. 

A detail shot of the FT-3000 2.0

Upgraded pulleys: The 2.0’s pulleys are aluminum instead of plastic, which are more durable and provide a smoother pull. 

More guidance: All REP functional trainers come with exercise diagrams to provide easily accessible exercise inspiration and guidance (without having to pick up your phone and then get lost on Instagram for 10 minutes); the FT-3000 2.0 has an updated exercise diagram that’s designed to be even more helpful.  

The exercise diagram on the FT-3000 2.0

Other added features: The updated version has other bonus features the OG didn’t have, like pre-lubricated uprights that add smoothness and ease to adjusting the height of the trolley. In addition, the FT-3000 2.0 has improved packaging and instructions.

Overall, the new version of the compact functional trainer offers better functionality, reliability, serviceability, safety, and appearance than the orig FT-3000.